1.3 Idea's for Human or Alien buildables

The humans currently only have the following as buildables: Machine-gun Turret , Tesla Generator, Defense Computer, Reactor, Repeater, Telenode, Teleporter, Armory and the Medical-station.
While the Aliens have: Booster, Hive, Overmind, Egg, Trapper, Slime Zung, Hovel, Barricade, and the Acid tube. All these new buildables are great for a change in gameplay and a change in general but I have noticed how making a base in the open can never work for both sides.

The downfall of building in the open for the Humans
For the humans, building in the open can seem like it has no downfalls, well that isn’t entirely true while they do have a variety of ranged weapons doing this early game, even a move could end the game or result in catastrophic damage to the base.

The downfall of building in the open for Aliens
The aliens are mostly based on Melee and short ranged attacks, the Advance Dragoon helps with this along with the Spitfire, that is technically their only ranged counter. Humans have the ability to easily shoot the entirety of the alien base leading to loss.

Re-guarding the two conflicts of building in the open for both teams, I am going to focus on the [color=teal]aliens[/color] for a bit. The aliens have almost small means of range defense, the Humans have a great defense. What would be the defense if the aliens had a map where they were to build in an open area or why couldn’t there be a change for once instead of building next to the wall? Well this is almost [color=red]obsolete[/color] and unable to be done. This completely destroys any chance of the aliens to get late game with wide open maps which GrangerHub has a lot of. I think as a solution aliens need a more [color=yellow]ranged[/color] class of aliens to help counter human range attacks.

New or Improved additions to Human buildables
As for defense, Humans only have the Machine-gun Turret and the Tesla generator. I think it would be a new or different type of approach to add different types of ranged or close quarters defense. Instead of taking a flamer and putting it on a Turret and painting it all red, there should be a more non-Machine Gun Turret-related buildings. Something like a building that can deal [color=Cyan]AoE[/color] damage. Just as a reference AoE means Area of Effect. The only buildable to do this for Humans is the Tesla Generator. The aliens have the Acid Tube. Usually when playing Tremulous you expect your opposing team to attack your base in groups, [color=Cyan]AoE[/color] will deal out damage to each player in its range but at a low rate. A higher rate of damage would result in the [color=Cyan]AoE[/color] being too powerful.

Too long didn’t read or Conclusion
The basic concept is, creating new buildables or upgrading current buildables for both teams to have suitability in both open and enclosed areas. To both allow the teams to have a way to deal with mass player attacks.