24/7 AI Admin Bot for GrangerPub US EAST Idea!

hi, I’d like to start off by saying that this new AI bot might help grangerpub us east out. My idea is this: lets set the scene to a basenade scene on a match and humans get basenaded when humans r playing well, then someone could use a cmd “!basenade help” and it would tell the AI admin bot to use the !pause cmd then !buildlog cmd and then revert the basenade so that the humans base would go back to normal and finally it would !unpase cmd(I think that’s correct).

The bot could offer 24/7 help to all players when needing help with any amount of cmds lets say 5 cmds, u could say “!Admin Ai help”(available to all players) and the cmds could be: !basenade help, !abuse help, !spam help
!impersonation help, and maybe !suspicious behaviour help maybe.

Now if the bot fails due to technical difficulty’s and maybe an error has occurred or a faulty fail in the Ai system it could use it’s last option “!admin-help” and that cmd would contact the nearest admin to help it with the trouble
and the admin could fix the problem that ppl r having. The AI bot will probably need level 10 admin, and with a lot of the cmds disabled incase someone finds a way to hack into the bots script of code the make it work and make the bot give them any level of admin they want(this cmd would have to be permanently disabled within the code).

Anyway that is my idea cuz there is not always an admin on the server 24/7 when there is problems like, basenade and humans have to go on remaking their base while aliens r rushing. This idea could work or not and might make it to tremulous 1.3(correct me if I’m wrong) if the code is not too complicated.

Thanks for having the time to read this idea,
much regards Mr.cool.

I mean, we sort of got one already :wink:

But it would seem like an (Ok-ish) idea, see that during none development games its usually rare to find any players on test :scream:, and when there is dev games theirs usually me, Wood, Sparky, Cron or some other admin around to mostly handle the problem and:
1)What about some revert errors sometimes buildings are needed to be overridden in some situations, this might be an easy bypass but what about if it replaces the base-naded/deconstructed building with the Reactor, people would have a huge problem with random replacements.

2)As much as I would think this is a great/ok idea how will the bot be able to process if a player is only trying to build, and move bases or a real deconner this can come with problems too.


When u said deals with spammers I think thank god for that because recently I have had some trouble with spammers and it is really really pissing me off and I know u can ignore them but when they keep doing it in the next game they should be punished and also saying that I’m a gay lamer and I hack when clearly I don’t it doesn’t help that I don’t know how to ignore them but still they should be punished

it’s quite simply as I mentioned in the paragraph that: [quote=“mr.cool, post:1, topic:2758”]
someone could use a cmd “!basenade help”

!basenade help would tell the bot to do a function in its code here is an example it maybe not the best but here it is:

int !basenade help { if(!basenade help) function is called then, blah blah blah it goes on for a while, bool !basenade help(this is creating a our word !basenade help to our dictionary of words and so on).

@ripper, if u r been abused by other ppl calling u names and maybe hurting ur feelings which is strictly forbidden by GrangerHub under rule 4 which can be found by using !info rule4 in console. If it is annoying then please report the player/players that r annoying u by reporting them under the servers, report players and request unbans section, then write a summary or paragraph of them tormenting\pestering you. Once u have made ur thread on the players(s), they will be dealt with a warning and a talk by an admin if they r annoying you. Providing some proof can help some more by using the cmd /screenshotjpeg in the console which will take a picture of what they r doing. Also u said that they were: [quote=“ripper, post:3, topic:2758”]
saying that I’m a gay lamer

That is name calling which is counted as bullying if this happens to you on a daily basis then please report them if it is annoying and tormenting.

Head admins of GrangerPub is cron,dGr8LookinSparky,GlobalWarming,Romdos,Wogomo,Shuffle,Ckit, Meajong, DevHC.

other admins I know of is Helper bot, Woodbury, Pro noob, and some others. Please tell them if someone is tormenting u and they will deal with the person if u tell them who it is.

the bot should be able to revert all destroyed things.

Ok thanks twump I will do that in the future if he does it again

Hey @ripper I’ll gladly see whats going on you can send me a message of the problems you have going on in-side the game, and make sure to provide picture proof, video ETC :slight_smile:
(And your in-game name/aliases)

Somebody should get in contact with @TheHop, between her and HelpingRobot we’d have the a 24/7 moderation set up.


There is a !decon command that is available to admins where you include as an argument the player who deconned, and then all the deconctruction/killed buildable actions by the player is reverted automatically, and that player is banned automatically for 2 hours. It has some bugs, but I think it could be fine tuned enough in 1.3 after porting it.

With the /decon command available, we can also include detection to determine if it is likely a base nade or malicious deconning took place, and if so rather than immediately taking automatic action a vote could be automatically called asking the players on the server to verify that player X did a specific malicious act, and if the vote passes the decon command would be executed by the system.

This would render administration null.

I’m usually on at peculiar hours… As is @Helper_Bot

It wouldn’t. there would always be need for human involvement to some level in administrative matters, as when dealing with social interactions AI’s are still imperfect even for organizations that have tremendous resources dedicated to researching and running very sophisticated AI’s, and a video game server generally has much much less resources. Even the version of this concept that I proposed above is semiautomatic so to speak, since a vote would be involved.

While human involvement in administrative matters can’t be completely replaced, the administrative tools can be improved to help administrations do a better job at providing a good environment and experience for players even at times when administrators might not be available. This also means that more server owners are better equipped and more likely to provide a good environment requiring less resources and less headaches, and more quality servers is a good thing for the player base.



That was an interesting read.

@asbestos Much lul, many jajaja’s. Your powers of discernment are a rare gift among this community.

@bird I also see how you are afk in spectators all the time, with only power hungry achievement in mind. I have yet to see you pub smash once in the a game, why even today I wasn’t sure it was really you playing against me and not afk in spectators. Must have gotten confused with some other bird I always see playing when he gets on. I’ll have to be more careful who I think is smashing me next time.

(Disclaimer: These are just assumptions and opinions.)

Lets please keep this discussion on topic which is automated admin tools/systems.

This would actually work really well if thought and dedication is put into it. I remember back in F Server in like 2013-15 the head admin Mak had a bot named Oxytocin that would monitor the server from an integrated IRC server. It would watch out for any players blacklisted as hackers,etc. and immediately ban their IP on the scene (of course, without anyone knowing). As a side note, he was hilarious to chat with. Seeing as how everyone is busy with life, this would drastically increase administration activity and I highly suggest something similar to Oxytocin would be implemented. Of course, the bot could be improved on…maybe add some new features like watching out for basenaders…I don’t know.

My point is, that Grangerhub really needs a new way to deal with griefing. Player admins isn’t enough, Helper Bot and Bird aren’t active 24 hours a day even if they are on the server. I’ve seen too many griefers get away scot-free. Adding new anti-grief commands would be a waste of time, since there won’t be anyone to actually USE THEM.


WRONG. the former is in the way of the latter.

if i were an admin, then there’d be much less successful basenades.



@burrito [Quote]Mak had a bot named Oxytocin that would monitor the server from an integrated IRC server[/quote]

Still up on irc (##fserver and ##xserverx and maybe ##wserver [invite only]), just that here are no official X/BlogWTF servers anymore

That’d be you, right? Let me guess, you’re some sort of advanced forum & server administration robot coded by geniuses @dGr8LookinSparky and @romdos

u’re brainwashed.