^8 Black colour for names request

Could the black font for names be enabled, I believe at the moment it puts any black font in the name as white.

This feature was disabled previously for some sort of security breach? As far as I am aware that has been patched now.

I’m so bored with my current colours, I would like to add some black.


From what I have heard from cron, the reason it was disabled on 1.1 was that the color of the characters would match the color of the console background on 1.1 stock clients from trem.net. This can be fixed if either the console background or the black color for text was changed to a different shade of black to allow for sufficient contrast.

that doesn’t make sense: there is no such thing as colored font (yet). there r colorescape-sequenced text messages, eg., „^1WRONG” is a text message starting with a color escape sequence.

in most cases, both the engine console and the gamelogic, when drawing a text message, color escape sequences r not drawn raw, but change the base color for subsequent characters, with white being the default, upto the next escape sequence or, newly, the end of the line. different ways of drawing such text messages (eg., draw „^1” as-is, different default color) exist in some places. generally:

^0 — previously black, newly dark grey
^1 — red
^2 — green
^3 — yellow
^4 — blue
^5 — cyan
^6 — magenta
^7 — white

furthermore, previously, there were superfluous synonyms, such as „^k” and „^#”.

who told u this, and when ? (this is not a rethorical question !)

even if there was a colored font feature, features generally don’t get disabled to plug security holes. furthermore, what sort of security hole would a colorization feature open ? (this is a rethorical question.)

the console is blackish in most games. drawing characters as black would cause them to be unreadable in the console. to make things sound, dark-colored text should hardly be used, and black shouldn’t at all; so the previous workings were WRONG. yet, instead of removing black, the meaning of „^0” was changed to dark grey. furthermore, synonyms were removed.

however, the workings of the client and a gamelogic module r separate, so some clients (notably 1.1-based ones) still interpret „^0” as black and recognize synonyms, while the appropriate text message in-game is seen as having dark grey and raw „^#”. life sux.

some ppl found the use of escape synonyms in their names moar compelling for some reason. this can be easily assessed by renaming to having only digit escapes.

one could have changed the color of the console to white, but 1337™ ppl prefer a dark background, and dark matches that of many areas in many maps.


NO !

A large number of players use tremfusion which provides a transparent console. It’s also still available to use !listplayers and check their ID number/GUID as this will not appear in black.

Perhaps if added make it so atleast a certain percent of characters have to be in a another colour.

I guess I incorrectly used the word font to also describe the colour of text, however most of what you said is only relevant if viewing the game from the console or logs. Most in game text is purely perceived as colour, the ^ is not visible.

I have very little knowledge on this so was hoping someone like you could elaborate, I guess the security breach mentioned could purely be people evading punishment with a less conspicuous name.

Your overly obnoxious nit-picking and constant need be right seriously degrades the quality of your posts. Once again I am not clear on your stance.

If I re-worded it to “May the black colour escape sequence ^8 be added” What would you say then? Are you saying no to this idea entirely, or just the way I worded the request? You clearly know the context in what I am referring to, so I would assume the former, but again with you it’s impossible to tell.


regardless of my stance, what is ur stance on allowing black text ? has it not changed with the (new or refreshed) understanding that „black text on dark background” is difficult to read ?

obviously yes.

also: there’s already dark grey; do u really also want pitch black ?


Both use of ^0 and ^8 is disabled.
On my version of tremulous ^0 ^8 appear to be the same colour (dark grey). I am requesting the restoration of the ability to use this dark colour in your in-game name on grangerpub rather than the addition of a new feature.

My opinion still stands, and if we implement it and it seems to cause difficulty for admins then we can just remove it.

Yes please. Even adding just dark grey would work.

Yeah, I would love to have a black or dark grey option. Thanks!

The use of black color text in names has now been enabled on GrangerPub and GrangerClub for players who are registered. To register, first pick a name you want to register with by typing into the console:

/name YourAwesomeNameGoesHere

then type into the console:


Once registered, your name is protected so that no one else can use that name you registered with, regardless of the color. Then you can change your name to include black text. Registering on one of those servers doesn’t automatically register you for the other.

As a side note, if you are using a 1.1 stock client from Tremulous.net, you are not going to be able to conveniently register, and you should get a newer client, like Tremfusion. This topic contains info on how to download & install Tremfusion: Installing TremFusion (for playing Tremulous 1.1)

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WRONG ! to allow registration, input

/setu cl_guid GUID

where GUID is a privately chosen string of 32 hexadecimal characters, like a password, eg.,

/setu cl_guid 982A3273C4975CDE18715F5B235723F3

before connecting to the server. however, then, u will always need to do this, with the same GUID, per client start, and if u connect to other servers, then admins there will be able to steal this GUID and impersonate u by name and privileges (again, this is much like a password).


Is my post RIGHT now?


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