A thread [b][u][i]SEPARATE[/i][/u][/b] from the Situational / Dynamic In-Game Music thread

this thread temporarily contains posts that belong to the original Situational / Dynamic In-Game Music thread. these posts will be moved back to the original thread when @Hendrich realizes that this separation is inconsistent with @Ckit’s and @Hendrich’s previous actions, which created a reference case in the forum’s „case laws”. additionally, this thread is allowed to contain off-topic posts.

proposed new situations and sample musics (themes):

  • camping naked on the reactor with a Lucifer Cannon — music.
  • waiting to spawn (MOAR NODES, MUTHERFRAGGERS !) — music
  • just spotted a dretch — music.
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Tfw we just took a shit on the thread.


Dickbutts don’t appreciate real art! What has this world come to?

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this calls for mass organization !

also, why was the post containing proposed situations moved ?

…and because that is my thread for starting to coordinate that project.

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t shit up the thread with a corner-case ‘situation’ and post a link to (presumably) copyrighted material.


One more track:

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Sounds good to me, as long as the title isn’t similar to the last thread.

Something like this would be cool

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this style?

to post something original:

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A new situation: when a player is killing at least 5 ennemy in less than 4 seconds:

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uhm, fixed now ?

Nope. Needs to be its own separate thing.

WRONG. no such rule.

No. Your posts were split because they didn’t belong.

No rule


Moderators have special authority; they are responsible for this forum.

I’ll let you know when you’ve got it right.

if that made sense by ur logic (in which nothing makes sense), then this would have made sense. alternatively, u could finally concede that it was that previous case in which u were WRONG and (deliberately ?) acted clueless, and thus were committing serious offenses against the good of community, instead of doing so now. which one shall it be (one does not preclude the other; the other shall be the subject of further dispute) ?

also, this has nothing to do with the title of a thread that is not the original one (and is, for example, properly named, like „not the original <insert_title_here>”.

does not imply any right in particular. does not imply that u have the right to fuck around with other ppl’s thread names until it fits ur unimplied, bullshit, unspoken, wanton desires.

Except the difference is that A) suggestion wasn’t serious as the thread required and B) you’ve blatantly shown your intentions for derailment:

inb4 “but it was organization!”

sure buddy. you seem to (deliberately?) think ppl are unable to read inbetween the lines.

Moving on:

The guidelines aren’t there to look pretty. With that logic, GH forum moderators have no rights at all! Except for the idea that a forum moderator’s role is to moderate the forum, like everywhere else on the internet. Your time is better suited fighting the evils of Facebook policies.

the reasoning behind threads using different names is to distinguish it’s purpose of one another. romdos’ thread and urs are not the same thing, especially at this point when the OP addendum specifies certain licensed music.

“rights”? in a forum? from a thread created by the site administrator (not u) to split ur non-sense? next time we should meet IRL so i can smoke whatever you’ve been taking. the poetic irony is palpable, really. i think at this point i’ve realized your trolling nature. when u shit up other threads, its okay, proper and deserves respect as you tiptoe around technicalities, but changing the name of a thread so that it remains separate from it’s split is “fucking” around.

i’m done. i have a feeling we’d be running in circles forever.

WRONG. not only that u can’t know whether the author was serious, but the difference is that the posts suggesting gameplay rules were actually off-topic and belonged to a different, pre-existing thread. what part of the target of ur response did u fail to not deliberately_ignore ?

additionally, the thread does not require „serious” suggestions.

WRONG. playing along with the behavior of a moderator who is more important and intelligent than u was completely separate from the suggestions. and neither show intent for derailment, despite what u may speculate. the former post criticizes DICKBUTTs for their non-appreciation of art, the latter advizes that such could lead to undesired consequences; „organization” could be wantonly interpreted as planning to take place in that thread, but it actually means something useful: organization elsewhere, where DICKBUTTs don’t have BB-control.

u seem to think that ur „readings” r genius analyses, when they’re all only DICKBUTT-supporting, wanton bullshits.

correct. moderators r authorized to perform effective actions without first consulting with the target or other admins; ie., the system „trusts” that the moderators will only use this power only rightfully. this means that NIGGARDly faggots can act like „i’ve taken a shit on ur post, now u have to convince me to remove that shit” — that is like a regular cop putting a suspect in prison on the spot, and then beginning a trial to reverse the sentence —, and can further shit on every argument against such actions, all without ever being forced to admit to having acted WRONGly, as is frequently the case with u, just like now.

what about anti-community evils of some DICKBUTTs and fucktarded forum-admins ?

yes, for example, the titles of

  • „a part of the original X thread”,
  • „X (less DICKBUTTs edition)”,
  • NOT the X thread (WARNING: do NOT confuse !)” and
  • „a thread SEPARATE from the X thread”

clearly (to a non-fucktard) distinguish the thread from „X”. these titles r listed in order of appropriateness for the purpose of the non-X thread; for example „a part of the original X thread” is most suitable because the non-X thread really is a collection of posts that r (or were) part of X, but got moved for whatever in-mind bullshit DICKBUTTs decided to feel about.

all of this is irrelevant because the original thread should not have been separated (or, at least not in that way), because many of the posts have relevance to the topic, as u necessarily agree.

rights. is this a place dedicated to supporting all of the community, or is this the dictatorship grounds of selfish DICKBUTTs and fucktarded forum-admins who r WRONG in a shitton of cases ?

ur face.

that has been the case almost since ever.1

1 my spectrum of trolling peaks at the most beneficial components.

but when others shit up my threads

WRONG. u’re always continuously hit by reasoning that u will never be able to refute; u simply ignore those, and effectively repeat urself, as if such had any place in reasonable debate.

z0mg, RED ALERT, call teh conspiracy police!!1