About rendering Unstoppable for NetRadiant

For rendering Unstoppable map, I’ll 90% leave away from GtkRadiant because some render command is not enough for looking good quality like light effects, so I’ll take NetRadiant for better.

But for it, I still want to use GtkRadiant as I need to make sure my mapping isn’t any corrupt or other problems, even I’ll make more rooms and improving the light effects for prevent over bright as I’m now using NetRadiant, so I hope everyone will understand my points. :wink:

I thought q3map2 was independant of whether editor you used and also the same for both? You can customize the command lines or even use q3map2 outside of GTK/Netradiant.

Maybe it’s almost 90% same with render command between GTK and NET, but only different is the light effects. However, idk that NetRadiant are actually better than GtkRadiant, so everyone know about it, just let me know it.

That’s a great idea! But some of the commands still make me confused, if you understand this every command means, let me know it, and I’ll need to take record for about render commands.

In addition, what kind of render commands is like “test”, “final” and “single” in build title and it said fast, slow and very slow?