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Register your clan, organize games on GrangerClub, scrim like a boss and compete in upcoming tournaments!

Registration requirements:

  • Only clan leaders may list their clan online.
  • Clan leader/manager must get membership verification from at least 3 more clan mates with registered accounts on the forums, each with a minimum trust level of 1 (must not be dummy accounts).
  • If there is a dispute over a previously used clan name/tag from an older clan, the clan leader or manager can petition site staff to settle the dispute and reassign the name/tag to its members (if all other requirements above are met).

Clan name and tag requirements:

  • Clan names must follow the player naming rules of the server. GrangerHub staff reserves the right to remove any clan listing violating these rules.
  • Only characters usable in-game are allowed in names or tags (no Unicode or emoji/emoticons/smileys).
  • Clan names must be unique. No identical initials for your clan as those used by an established clan (same letters of either case or numbers used in the same order).
  • Clan ‘names’ consisting of clan initials and any ‘special characters’ must be at least 2 characters long, excluding any ‘encapsulation’ characters used in your clan “tag”.
  • Using very similar special character arrangement in your clan name as those of an established clan (punctuation and mathematical symbols , etc.) is NOT allowed.
  • If your clan name/tag too closely resembles that of an established clan’s tag, it will need to be approved by GrangerHub site staff.
  • Your clan name/tag can be disputed by an already established clan in cases where there is a dispute of similarity. Be original!

######Updated Jan 11, 2016

Clans registered on GrangerHub:

*<{ Christmas Hats, a.k.a. Xmas Hats
Fk Foreign Killers
NoS Nation of Stupidity
{M|C} master ceremony
nVm Nevermind
Sir| Sir
(|'|-|'|) or (H) or (|-|) Horizon