About the game play currently being developed on the test7341 server

I should clear up some misconceptions about test7341. The test7341 server started from gpp game play because that is where the latest public Tremulous code on github left off. With all of the bug fixes, enhancements, and ne features that are not related to game play at all and that are in place in the code, it woudl be far more practical any many many many times faster to develop 1.1 vanilla game play on the current code we have, than to bring all of the non-game play aspects of slacers up to speed.

The current game play we are designing for test7341 will not be pure 1.1 vanilla. There are some things in GPP vanilla game play that was done better (like poison, and baracades) that we will be keeping, we will be trying some game play features from other gpp and 1.1 mods, and we will be trying some new ideas related to the game play. However, the new game play will be fundamentally based on 1.1 vanilla, and we are in progress of reverting to a lot of 1.1 game play features. The test7341 server is rapidly moving away from gpp game play, it is a work in progress, and just because you might see a gpp game play feature on the server today, doesn’t mean it will be there in a month, in a couple of weeks, or even for the next development games this week. Also while we are rapidly implementing the major changes, we don’t expect the game play to be balanced, balancing is for the fine tuning phase of the development.

Once we have finished developing this new game play. It would not be too difficult to port the remaining 1.1 vanilla game play features for a Vanilla game play version of the server to be available. Tremulous does have a good future, but it isn’t with slacker’s bug ridden and inferior qvm (not that it wasn’t good work slacker did at the time it was released) . 1.1 servers are not needed for 1.1 vanilla game play.

This sentence doesn’t mean anything. The servers are all both 1.1 and 1.2 servers due to being multi-protocol. If you meant you can have 1.1 vanilla game play while on a modded server, apparently that’s not true, seeing as even Slacker’s mod isn’t perfectly vanilla game play, and test7341 is DEFINITELY not even CLOSE to vanilla game play.

Disregarding the multiprotocol aspect, the code for GrangerPub and GrangerClub are entirely based on slacker’s qvm, a 1.1 qvm. The code for test7341 however is originally built on the latest Tremulous code on github ( https://github.com/darklegion/tremulous ).

Of course 1.1 game play can be on test7341 (while not substantially changing the features not related to game play), it just requires someone to code the game play changes so that it matches 1.1 game play, and that takes time. Also as I’ve said before, the game play on test7341 is a work in progress, as test7341 is GrangerHub’s development server, so by definition what is there now is not what will be there.

Gpp servers weren’t the only Trem server that suffered from populations loss, the 1.1 population has drastically shrunk as well, and even for 1.1 vanilla. not to long ago, the modded F server and the modded W server were still popular. 1.1 vanilla got a recent population boost thanks to the gpp players being available through multiprotocol.

That is not to say that pure 1.1 vanilla game play wouldn’t do well on the new servers, but the game play we are working on is meant to be a viable alternative “vanilla” game play that we are designing closely with experienced 1.1 players (we are not this work to make a mod) . I also know of about a half dozen different Tremulous modders who would be initerested in modding on the new server once it is released. For Tremulous to survive, thrive and grow, it needs variety for new players. Only one highly active server won’t cut it.

@Shuffle ad hominem = attacking the person instead of the argument, we attacked both the person and the argument. I’m not saying attacking the person is a good move, but an ad hominem implies that we only attacked the person.
I would like to point out one last thing though:
Is there really enough animo for a modded version of trem? Both cuboid and New-Edge died (given they are gpp but still) and both were modded, the only servers left standing (afaik) are all vanilla servers. Whether i agree with the direction this “project” is taking is a question we’ve already discussed, but is there really any use for the project at all?

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