Advanced sets of binds - Easy to customize

Was bored and decided to make binds for whoever wants them. They rely HEAVILY on vstrs. They should work on all versions of the game.

The general features include team specific binds, automation on teamswitch with TremFusion, rebinding the function keys for either evolving or building at a time,…

Note that you will have to rebind rebind vote yes and vote no somewhere else, since F1 and F2 are used in these. Or edit them out. Idfk.

Personally I like using the following:

/bind enter "messagemode" /bind backspace "messagemode2" /bind y "vote yes" /bind n "vote no"

There are 2 versions available for each client - The scrolling build ones will allow you to scroll through buildables with mouse wheel once you pushed any building bind, [color=FFFF00]but will spam you if you use it and aren’t S3 because you can’t build everything.[/color]

I highly recommend downloading TremFusion - the binds are all the same, but they will automatically switch when you change teams.


  • [color=00FFAA]TremFusion only:[/color]

TremFusion binds
TremFusion scrolling build binds

  • [color=00FFAA]All clients:[/color]

Basic binds
Scrolling build binds


You need to drop all the .cfg files in your tremulous/base folder. You need to unzip the ones for TremFusion first if you use these. Once you have them in your base folder, you simply need to exec the “installation” cfg in-game.

TF: /exec binds_tremfusion_install.cfg
Non-TF with scrolling: /exec binds_buildscroll_install.cfg
Non-TF sans scrolling: /exec binds_basic_install.cfg

#[color=20FF80]How does this work?[/color]

If you have TF, after installing them almost everything is automated. If you don’t have TF, you will have to scroll through the teambinds using 0. For all versions, you have to push 9 to change to building binds, and 9 again to switch back to evolve/buy binds.

[quote=[color=00FFFF]Human binds[/color]][color=FFAA20]F1[/color]: Helm, larmour, rifle - [color=FFAA20]Building binds:[/color] RC
[color=FFAA20]F2[/color]: Helm, larmour, painsaw - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Turret
[color=FFAA20]F3[/color]: Helm, larmour, shotgun - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Arm
[color=FFAA20]F4[/color]: Helm, larmour, lasgun - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Medi
[color=FFAA20]F5[/color]: Helm, larmour, mdriver, battpack - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Node
[color=FFAA20]F6[/color]: Helm, larmour, luci, battpack - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Repeater
[color=FFAA20]F7[/color]: Chaingun, bsuit - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Def comp
[color=FFAA20]F8[/color]: Helm, larmour, pulse rifle, battpack - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Tesla
[color=FFAA20]F9[/color]: Helm, larmour, flamethrower
[color=FFAA20]F10[/color]: Buy jetpack
[color=FFAA20]F11[/color]: Buy battpack
[color=FFAA20]F12[/color]: Buy grenade[/quote]

[quote=[color=FF1010]Alien binds[/color]][color=FFAA20]F1[/color]: Adv granger if available, otherwise granger - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Overmind
[color=FFAA20]F2[/color]: Dretch - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Egg
[color=FFAA20]F3[/color]: Basilisk - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Barricade
[color=FFAA20]F4[/color]: Advanced Basilisk - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Acid Tube
[color=FFAA20]F5[/color]: Marauder - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Booster
[color=FFAA20]F6[/color]: Advanced Marauder - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Trapper
[color=FFAA20]F7[/color]: Dragoon - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Hive
[color=FFAA20]F8[/color]: Advanced Dragoon - [color=FFAA20]Building binds[/color]: Hovel
[color=FFAA20]F9[/color]: Tyrant[/quote]

The message binds are all bound to keys from 1 to 7, they are basic messages that I will let you figure out on your own. Using grenade is bound to G. V toggles jetpack.

If you need to scroll through people in spectators and are using the non-TF versions, you have to press i. You can change it easily if you don’t need or want it this way. TF does it automatically.


Note: some people may want to buy larmour in priority over helmet. Just swap the commands around.

The binds aren’t totally complete because everyone likes stuff being in different places. I included grenade on G but didn’t put medkit at all in it, and didn’t add itemtoggle blaster either. Some people will like it bound on their mouse, some on the keyboard, and some people don’t want auto-sprinting or blaster toggling at all. This is something easy to include in these binds.

Here is a list of commands you might find interest into. [color=FFF00]Note the sprinting command is different for 1.1 and GPP.[/color]

  • Use medkit: [color=00FF20]itemact medkit[/color]
  • Sprint automatically (1.1): [color=00FF20]+forward;boost[/color], [color=00FF20]+back;boost[/color], [color=00FF20]+moveleft;boost[/color], [color=00FF20]+moveright;boost[/color]
  • Sprint automatically (GPP): [color=00FF20]+forward;+button8[/color], [color=00FF20]+back;+button8[/color], [color=00FF20]+moveleft;+button8[/color], [color=00FF20]+moveright;+button8[/color]
  • Switching to blaster and back: [color=00FF20]itemtoggle blaster[/color]
  • Toggling jetpack on and off: [color=00FF20]itemtoggle jetpack[/color]
  • Toggling lightmap on and off: [color=00FF20]toggle r_lightmap[/color]
  • Buying adv/ckit (normal ckit automatically if S1): [color=00FF20]sell weapons; buy ackit; buy ckit[/color]
    You can use vstr sellall instead of sell weapons if you use this bind set and want to also sell grenades and packs.

Before anything else, open the .cfg you wish to edit in any text editor. I recommend atleast wordpad, windows’ stock notepad fucks shit up.


Very simple. Edit the lines starting in “set”. Those are the variables containing the commands/messages.

set [color=FFFF00]hm1[/color] “[color=00FF20]say_team ^5Flank! Watch your back![/color]”

[color=20FF80]Creating new binds[/color]

If you want to add a new bind, you will need to make a new line and cvar with set [color=FFFF00]newcvar[/color] “[color=00FF20]Content[/color]” and then adding it to the ‘teambinds’ and ‘teambuildbinds’ variables at the bottom:

set [color=FFFF00]humanbuildbinds[/color] “bind F1 vstr hbB1; bind F2 vstr hbB2; bind F3 vstr hbB3; bind F4 vstr hbB4; bind F5 vstr hbB5; bind F6 vstr hbB6; bind F7 vstr hbB7; bind F8 vstr hbB8; bind g vstr hG[color=00FFAA]; bind KEY vstr [color=FFFF00]newcvar[/color];[/color] bind 9 vstr humanbinds; echo “^5Human ^7builder ^5binds enabled””


set [color=FFFF00]itoggle[/color] “[color=00FF20]itemtoggle blaster[/color]”

set [color=FFFF00]humanbuildbinds[/color] “bind F1 vstr hbB1; bind F2 vstr hbB2; bind F3 vstr hbB3; bind F4 vstr hbB4; bind F5 vstr hbB5; bind F6 vstr hbB6; bind F7 vstr hbB7; bind F8 vstr hbB8; bind g vstr hG[color=00FFAA]; bind alt vstr [color=FFFF00]itoggle[/color];[/color] bind 9 vstr humanbinds; echo “^5Human ^7builder ^5binds enabled””

Or, simply:

set [color=FFFF00]humanbuildbinds[/color] “bind F1 vstr hbB1; bind F2 vstr hbB2; bind F3 vstr hbB3; bind F4 vstr hbB4; bind F5 vstr hbB5; bind F6 vstr hbB6; bind F7 vstr hbB7; bind F8 vstr hbB8; bind g vstr hG[color=00FFAA]; bind alt “[color=FFFF00]itemtoggle blaster[/color]”;[/color] bind 9 vstr humanbinds; echo “^5Human ^7builder ^5binds enabled””

Finally add [color=00FFAA]; reset alt;[/color] in the alienbinds variable if you want to remove it alien-side.

Will result in toggle blaster bind only for human building binds set, you probably want to do this for lucifer cannon and all weapons (ckit included) though, so add it to the [color=FFFF00]humanbinds[/color] cvar instead.

The vstrs in these binds are mainly used for clarity, readability, and easy customization, otherwise it would be hell.

Finally, if you don’t use tremfusion, re-/exec the installation .cfg in-game.

Note: if you want to keep some readability in [color=FFFF00]humanbinds[/color] with the sprint commands, you can set it this way:

[details=1.1]set [color=FFFF00]fwd[/color] “[color=00FF20]+forward;boost[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]bck[/color] “[color=00FF20]+back;boost[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]lft[/color] “[color=00FF20]+moveleft;boost[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]rgt[/color] “[color=00FF20]+moveright;boost[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]autosprint[/color] “[color=00FF20]bind w vstr fwd; bind s vstr bck; bind a vstr lft; bind d vstr rgt[/color]”

[color=20FF80]; vstr [color=FFFF00]autosprint[/color];[/color][/details]

[details=GPP]set [color=FFFF00]fwd[/color] “[color=00FF20]+forward;+button8[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]bck[/color] “[color=00FF20]+back;+button8[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]lft[/color] “[color=00FF20]+moveleft;+button8[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]rgt[/color] “[color=00FF20]+moveright;+button8[/color]”
set [color=FFFF00]autosprint[/color] “[color=00FF20]bind w vstr fwd; bind s vstr bck; bind a vstr lft; bind d vstr rgt[/color]”

[color=20FF80]; vstr [color=FFFF00]autosprint[/color];[/color][/details]

#[color=20FF80]Keypad bindings[/color]

KP_SLASH - Slash
KP_MINUS - Minus sign
KP_PLUS - Plus sign
KP_ENTER - Enter
KP_END - 1
KP_5 - 5
KP_INS - 0
KP_DEL - Delete

Will update if needed. Let me know if anything has unexpected behavior and precise what client you are using.
Feel free to request binds, even though this thread serves as a good guide and I like making people make their own stuff.


Impressive. Thanks Mae.

So this is why you were busy. Looks good man!

Fixed a few things up for the scrolling versions.

Nice man. I’ll have to try it out.

Fixed a critical issue with the TF versions. Just me being a major NIGGER. I missed a line.

Everything should be working the way it’s supposed to now. Just replacing the files should work, no need to re-exec.

Handy, I was too lazy to make some for the n-th time. I’m not too familiar with vstrs but that’ll do since there doesn’t seem to be any other binds around.

After triple-checking, some shit was indeed still fucked up and pretty badly. This is why you don’t do this kind of stuff drunk. I updated all links so now, it should be good THIS TIME.

Replace old .cfgs and re-exec them if you’re not using TremFusion.

New update, fixes the very few things I left fucked up without noticing.

Lasgun works now and isn’t bought directly with battpack. (fix: weapon name was lgun)
Chaingun, and painsaw also work now. (fix: chaingun and painsaw, not cgun and psaw)
Replaced the message on 5 with Base is under attack!. Warning for grenade can be done with G.
Moved a few things around F10-F12 for humans: F10 buys jetpack, F11 buys battpack, F12 buys

Individual codes for people who might've modded their files


set am5 "say_team ^1Base is under attack!"


set hm5 "say_team ^5Base is under attack!"
set hb2 "vstr sellall; buy helmet; buy larmour; buy painsaw"
set hb4 "vstr sellall; buy helmet; buy larmour; buy lgun"
set hb7 "vstr sellall; buy bsuit; buy chaingun"

set hb10 "sell battpack; buy jetpack" set hb11 "sell jetpack; buy battpack" set hb12 "buy gren"

[color=yellow]If you simply want to re-download them:[/color]

Download and extract, replace the old .cfgs in your tremulous/base folder.
Non-TF users must re /exec the install cfg. TF users only have to replace the files.

You can find the files in the OP.

can anyone please explain to a gpp scrub what the use of “+forward;boost” is over manually using sprint?

Having to toggle it on manually everytime or keep it pressed is 1 finger too busy to dance properly. Especially with complex dances where there are small times (In the ranges of 0.1-0.3 seconds) where no movement key might be pressed and resetting the toggle.

Adding it on all keys is good but requires controlling your stamina better. On 2 random keys allows to have an automatic randomizer in your dance, on 2 side movement keys allows to dance more easily without wasting stamina at all times when going forward.

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