Alien regeneration

So I found 1.1 thoroughly awful, but there’s still one good thing about it - alien regeneration outside the base is actually useful! Please, please, let’s have that!


What is useful about it? How does that help the game play as a whole? Are you sure that the regeneration (at least unlimited) isn’t a source of problems?

With the rant in swirl we upped the rant’s hp but removed its regeneration (and upped its evo cost), now while it can do a lot more damage now while it is alive, it is no longer effective to camp with, it can be killed in a reasonable amount of time, and its rarity can be directly controlled.

With the bsuit, we made it far more deadly, and effective in combat than ever before, but we gave it armor points that can’t be regenerated. So the bsuit is no longer effective in camping, can be killed in a reasonable amount of time, and its rarity can be directly controlled.

With the adv goon, we increased its hp from 250 to 400, and halved its regen rate from before, it can take on tough combat situations better than before, but it is still killable.

With the build points, we gave each team a reserve build point poll that itself can’t regen, but provides the main bp the ability to regen while the reserve is greater than 0. This made it so that you can gain progress from killing buildables right from the beginning of the game, without the need of an abrupt sudden death at an arbitrary time.

To apply this to yet another aspect of the game play, I’m thinking that all buildable hp regen should be removed, but their hp should be significantly risen, and the damage by defensive buildables should be reduced by a certain amount. This would allow for better ability of both teams to entire the enemy base and do damage, would ensure that when combined with the reserve bp system, any damage to any buildable would be progress, would allow any team to leave their own base with better confidence that their base won’t always be at risk of being completely killed if left alone for literally a minute or less.

In many cases it seems that regen has been more of a fundamental problem than a useful feature.

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Maybe not removed, at least for aliens, but it should drain BP. And yes, that’s the way to go.


Idea: allow quick alien regeneration everywhere, but use a chrysalis, which, if broken, will stop your regeneration (like my incomplete evolution idea), and make it actually cost EVOs. For most aliens the cost should be proportional to the damage, except the tyrant, which will always have to play like 10 EVOs.

This should alleviate the problem which I’ve been complaining ever since I started playing Tremulous, but which has always been ignored: that humans can’t run away from fights they can’t win, and don’t receive anything or accomplish anything permanent if they manage to chase aliens away, but not kill them. Credits could still be awarded only or mostly for full kills, but still when you damage aliens, you’ll do SOMETHING, even if you don’t survive or they run way.

Human healing should also not be free, so that humans can’t just camp medistation.


Medistat vending machine? :slight_smile:


Basilisk bro heals you fast!

I’d like to try this out! :+1:

Aliens already cost Evos, so maybe only the ‘advanced’ classes (which cost more) get chrysalis for free, and if it breaks, will be able to ‘evolve’ again into their current class with full health + chrysalis for like 1/2 of the base cost of the advanced class.


We are currently trying out the following changes on the GrangerLab server:

  • Removed both manual and automatic buildable health regen for both teams.

  • Increased the max health of all buildables by a factor of 8.

  • Decreased the damage of the rets and teslas by a third.

  • Fixed up the progress of unspawned human buildable health to be synced with the construction progress.

  • The trapper no longer locks humans in place, but instead slows them down.

  • Friendly buildable fire is off for these tests.


I’m not sure about this. I think that turrets should be strong and maximum BP and build density should instead be reduced.

I do agree that build density should be limited in some way, and we are going to try some things with that at a later date, but I am interested to see how these latest experimental changes work out in matches at today’s games.