(almost) Naked map mode

Naked map mode would be a type of play where teams start with no structures except spawns.

When a map is loaded, each team’s initial spawns are placed into the map - either automatically by the game or from a layout with predefined locations.

For the match to being, players first must do some initial base setup, with these rules:

  • Players can only spawn ckit or granger.
  • Players can’t see (nor speak to) enemies.
  • Can’t see enemy structures.
  • Can only place and build core structures (om/rc) and spawns (egg/node).
  • Insta-build for stuff you place.
  • Can’t decon starting spawns until at least 1 new spawn is placed.
  • Can place a maximum total amount of spawns equal to number of players on your team (excluding the starting spawns).

Next, after a team places their core structure and at least 1 spawn, a countdown of 30 seconds begins; if the other team doesn’t place their core structure, they will start without it.

Once play begins, players must choose how to make the best of their situation, by either reinforcing a base at that location, risking a base move, or focus on disrupting or annihilating the other team.

Potentially optional stuff:

  • Can’t build RC/OM within each other’s power/creep range (first come first serve for a location?).
  • ‘Coin toss’ to swap base locations.
  • Do this all as part of “warm-up mode”