Automatic Discourse Account Creation/Syncronization

As Discourse account creation works now, after registering on WordPress, you have to log into Discourse at least one for a corresponding account to be created on Discourse. It would be better if one’s Discourse account was automatically created upon reigistration on WordPress.

Another important feature would be automatic group synchronization between Discourse groups and corresponding WordPress groups. Not every WordPress group would need a corresponding Discourse group, but for the WordPress groups that do, adding or removing a member from such a group on WordPress, should add or remove that member on the corresponding Discourse group.

While the group synchronization is probably needed, I’m not convinced that auto account creation is needed, as not all GH users will use forums/reply to blog posts. It doesn’t seem like too much hastle to click ‘log in’.

This would artificially inflate the user base on the forum here, and might have other consequences - like email updates to people who don’t care about forums, etc… Closing this topic.