Basic constants of human condition

Tremulous should be made with these in mind!

:nauseated_face: Learning sucks!

:cold_sweat: Thinking sucks!

:tired_face: Reading sucks!


I don’t think these should be thought of when playing a game or making one. Reading, thinking, learning is the fun of a game its the point of almost every game.


:face_vomiting:Learning cock!

:nerd_face:Thinking cock!

:money_mouth_face:Reading cock!

Edited: Sorry I just make having fun :slight_smile:

I believe what @lamefun is referring to, especially for older versions, although this is an overall issue we still need to address in current development, is the unusually difficult learning requirements trem has had on so many levels for just doing the basics, as well as the unusually difficult usability. The way things have been for trem, you pretty much have to be an expert in trem just to be ok at the game play, to be able to host a server, to be able to do even basic modifications to the code, just to make an ok map, just to be able to build the game, to be able to have good settings, to be able to troubleshoot common issues, even to be able to just get and install the game (although installtion of the 1.3 alpha client is way more straightforward than it has been for older versions).

It is one thing if to do advanced things you have to get more into an expert level, but if you have to be an expert and fully dedicated to the game just to get started, that is a serious problem. There are so many aspects that are unfriendly and not intuitive towards new players/modders/server owners/mappers. Such extreme levels of difficulty for entree is completely unnecessary, and it gets in the way of growth and development of the community and of the game. That is completely unnecessary, and those issues can be addressed while still having the game and its development offering intellectual stimulation and challenges.

I think very much related to this is a video that @lamefun posted awhile ago about the difference between challenging vs punishing.


I do think that what we’d need is somewhat of a good learning curve for new players.

What if we had tutorials (Either video or playable so the player can learn the muscle memory as well as the same time.) that showed the basics and maybe some advanced stuff like the thinking behind making a good base or maybe the specialities of every classes and weapons. I personally think it would add a lot to the game and improve its chances of getting new players and keeping them.

Something I’ve learned for a while is that players often judge a game in the first hour they play (If not the first 10 minutes)
If we get something that they can anchor to right in those judgement times, we are more likely to get them to stay and increase the community.



Video tutorials, and playable tutorials (for training servers, and as an option in the client for offline use) would definitely be very good things to provide and would help new players more conveniently get up to speed.

But there is a general concept to keep in mind, we should try to make every aspect of the game as intuitive and user friendly as possible. The more an average new player can figure out something on their own without “external” assistance the better. This applies to the game play, this applies to the controls, this applies to the settings, this applies to the ui, this applies to installing the game, this applies to troubleshooting, this applies to making maps, and this applies to development.


I couldn’t agree more.


Idea spam for a tutorial map:


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Not right now… as I’m homeless but in the future I will definetly be doing this.


Thats why i never do any of these, i just fuck around till something happens and then keep trying.