Bird super app for hiv clam

Wot is ur name: it’s spelled bird but pronounced daddy

Wot is ur worth: i was recently told i had hiv + or something so i thot i wud apply to hiv clam

Wot is ur skill 1-10: since i train with blizz in brazoland killing pollacks id say a 19/10

Wot is ur age: I just turned 11 the other day

n-e other comments or concerns: pls let me be hiv its my dream clam and maejong is my idle despite being a gigantic nigr

This is me playing tremululs, u can see the intensity on my faez.

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-10/10 application passnied

ur such a nigr

EHehehEHEheHEheh : ) : ) : ) ; )


Closed. (& sexed)

SHuffle shup u kno am worthy my super app makes that evident

We don’t accept bonkers pity admin one sided gays with cancling shit command in our clan.

ur a fkin nigr pity abuse put stick in ass gay like father nigr

idiot shit i see when your father self crouch on stick and you born but then both his friends want put it ass at once and now he dead

ignored gay see who laugh next dumber

!canclevote stupid applicaton


is ok bb i aint goin anywher

in the picture you can see the kid’s fingers are on “t” and “y” because he’s too busy talking trash to even play, perfect representation of bird imo, 12/10 app.

Bird and Mae wanna be Desala lol

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welcome to hiv


Omg, hiv is spreading like a virus.


maybe because hiv is a virus

But ViruS is in KoR

Hiv-KoR integration confirmed!!!

– rlb