Bird's inquiry in his status regarding the GrangerPub administration

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Uh, I resigned from my post as L9. I wasn’t “ejected”, I brought my immense talent and steadfast activity to the Der Bunker servers.

@bird , you did offer your resignation for the sole stated reason that you intend to give more focus and time on your school work instead of Trem (it is interesting that you manage to keep activity up as an admin on another server since). You offered that resignation following events that were going to result in you being suspended from the GrangerPub administration shortly after. If your resignation was accepted, should you decide to return to the GrangerPub administration at a later date, you would have been able to rejoin the administration (initially at a lower admin level) without having to go through the application process.

Due to the nature of the situation (regarding your conduct as an admin, and how you used your admin powers in-game), it was decided that your resignation was rejected, you were suspended as a GrangerPub admin pending review for ejection, given ample opportunity and notice (over a week) to defend not being ejected, and since you did not respond in that time, ejection was decided.

If you would be interested in returning to the administration later, you will have to reapply. If you would like to discuss this further, you can contact me and/or @romdos via private message.