Building Incentive

Seems unlikely, but it would be nice to see grenglers and ckits get the attention they deserve. Tremulous has always only counted two things - frags and time. I, and other players, would love to see a new scoring system that favors objectives and the builders, also maintaining kills.

I.E. - Every 600 or so HP a builder’s medistation heals his allies he gains a point on the scoreboard.

I.E. - Every 10 kills from any of the builder’s constructed machine gun turrets earns him one point.

I.E. - When acid tubes are triggered during a skirmish and the human is subsequently killed, the grengler get’s either a point or some sort of assist point.

I.E. - Killing an egg or a telenode earns you one point.

The scoreboard has always been black and white, and I think, if doable (probably not, idk, I’m not a “dev” guy) we could change the way people play the game and incite teamplay. As is, it’s nothing more than fragracing and pub smashing. The only time you’ll get someone to work with you is if you’re in a clan and one of your mates is on your team.

Again, I don’t know if this is possible but if it is maybe it’s something the devs can spend their time on. Thanks.

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The test server already has GPP’s scoring system, which includes points for building/healing and points for healing teammates with basilisk. The devs have made it abundantly clear they don’t care about making Slacker’s mod any better, they’re just working on “the future of Tremulous”. There will be no progress until they “finish” that. Tremulous will continue to stagnate and die, and nothing will ever happen.

The first and only time I ever played GPP, I felt an unnerving feeling in my chest, I then realized that if I played GPP a second longer I would have a heart attack and then contract AIDs. This being the case, can you explain to me GPP’s scoring system more in-depth. Also, does the test server have GPP scoring but 1.1 gameplay?

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It has modded and unbalanced gameplay that mixes 1.1 and GPP elements (Basi has healing aura and swapped ranges from GPP, but trample and pounce and zap aren’t all fucking ridiculously strong).

The GPP score system gives more points for bigger aliens/humans, points for killing buildables, etc. It’s like 4 points for dretch/nude rifle, ~15 points for turret/tube, ~20ish for spawns, ~40ish for OM/RC, etc. Holding a ckit generates something like 1 point every 10 seconds. Healing a certain amount of bonus health with Basi (it has Rant’s healing aura in GPP) will also grant a point (not sure how much required to heal or how it works).

In addition to those aspects, players get a lot of points for killing enemy buildings. On gpp mods where there is very high to unlimited bp, an average acore for most players would be around 250 to 400 for a typical game. It was not uncommon to score over 1000 points in one match. One time I scored on over 4,000 on a really long match on R Unlimited CZ (some players scored even higher).

We do plan on improving the score system to something along the lines of what bird is suggesting, but generally speaking have the “importance” that each built buildable quantitatively measured and have that value factored into the builders’ scores as well as the scores of players who killed those buildables. Tremulous has a very unique game play, and killing enemy players is only one aspect.

It has been demonstrated many times that you can have the most kills, but still be on a team that loses a match, in fact each player on one team can have more kills than each player the other team and still lose a match. High score should reflect high quality overall game play, including the dimensions of player to player combat, quality building, strategic attacks on bases/forwards, and good teamwork.

I discussed this more in this topic:


I do like the score system but would it also be possible to display frags?

I’d suggest something along the lines of: Score / Frags / Deaths / Assists

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I dislike the idea of showing deaths, it encourages camping. I think time is still appropriate “negative” visual stat. Although yes, showing Score/Frags/Assists would be nice.

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Or what if the overall score, and its four “component scores” were shown (i.e. building, combat, teamwork, and attack).

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I really like this idea, providing people with specific roles is excellent in improving teamwork. Perhaps if you could hover over a players score and it gave those breakdowns?

How do you plan on hovering over a player’s score? You don’t get control of your mouse with scores up, so it doesn’t prevent you from moving and fighting while looking at scoreboard.

The scoreboard could be reformatted to show all of those components at the same time, which would allow for easy comparisons of scores.

Can a system not be implemented like on the hl2 engine where pressing a key will bring up your mouse cursor?

If we wanted to do highlighting of scores to expand information, why not use the scroll wheel to achieve that?

Because then half of the community would be unable to swap weapons/throw grenades/toggle jetpack while they have the scoreboard visible.

I do agree with this. It would be nice to see the more skilled builders come out of their shells and build nice sturdy bases, and encourages others to also build.

The mouse cursor could be shown with scoreboard, and also yes we could have an area that shows stats for a player when you click their name.

Very often I check the scoreboard while in action somewhat. We should avoid the need for the mouse cursor in the UI and HUD as much as possible as that can slow down interactions, this is the same reason in test7341 the selection of items in the menus make use of the scroll wheel instead of the mouse cursor (mostly).

I hold TAB to display the scoreboard about 50% of the time, the only time I don’t is if there are enemies in clear sight, or if I’m playing a mission-style map.

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@dGr8LookinSparky and @shuffle, showing the stats is only possible at post-game scoreboard, so there’s no need to hit the Tab key, and slowing people down with the mouse isn’t a concern.