Can someone port Tremulous to ARM? [Solved!/Closed!]

So, I’ve got a task for any and all developers who have unix (or a unix virtualmachine, whatever) and think they know enough about GNU Make & C to be able to compile something of use.

Break the seal below (Reveal the spoiler) for your mission briefing.

Your task is to make a basic, functional tremulous.arm (I’ve made two functional tremded.arm before, from the default source and from the tremfusion source.) How, you ask? You compile it using the compiler “arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc” or “arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc” and you have to set the destination architecture to “arm” When you are finished send the tremulous.arm to me and I will test it using my raspi.

You may use any trem source, but Tremfusion and/or BlowFish client are recommended.


But wait, how do I get this compiler?

Well you have to install either “gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi” or “gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf”, I dunno the difference between the two… but since if you’re here you’re probably a developer and chances are you know.

Why is this in the GrangerHub dev thread! I don’t understand how GrangerHub will benefit from this.

Well first of all, you’re essentially opening a new door by porting tremulous, which means: MORE PLAYERS! You do realize that basically all handheld devices are made of ARM architecture, right? I think we could attract a larger audience by adding the option for handheld. Finally, tremulous in your pocket!

What’s my reward?

Well, you get credit for making a new program and the possibility of “the first person to port a quake 3 mod-standalone game record.” Prize enough?

ur post is essentially equivalent to the following sentence:
„hey, can someone port Tremulous to the ARM architecture ?”

title is sp4mmy, not representative of the topic. fix it !



Would you be so kind to mark this thread as [SOLVED] and to post your final solution.? Thank you <3

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wait, how do you know I compiled it successfully?

Well anyways, thanks to a little arm patch file for debian I found, it compiled without error.



You told me that you compiled it and that you had 20 - 30 fps. But that you hadn’t compiled gpp or tremfusion client for ARM yet.

If you post a link to that Debian patch other ppl can enjoy trem on Rpi too :smiley:


ARM is really bad idea. But mostly can handle for games, casual uses, surfing etc., as I told it is for smartphone.

I still not confirmed that ARM isn’t supported for Windows yet.

ARM is a completely different architecture. Windows uses x86 most of the time (Intel architecture.) Same with most other linux operating system s. ARM is usually found on smartphones, tablets and development pcs (like the raspi) if you want to know more Wikipedia it.