Clan Hats During Scrims!

Making clan emblems visible on the model in a way that’s appropriate to Tremulous requires actual effort, so fuck that.

During a Scrim, both humans/aliens will be wearing a hat on their heads, all basically the same model on different positions. This hat can use a custom texture created by the clans to show their pride. We can even get Spectators into the action and choose to wear the hat of the clan they’re rooting for.

Why? For epeen points. To demonstrate this idea for your viewing pleasure, I have employed 20 fulltime Indians in Bangladash to create the following example in MSPaint:



I already wear a hat ALL THE TIME, same as @dGr8LookinSparky, @Ninja, @Helper_Bot, @StarSlider, etc… but this seems somehow a little akward for a scrim, wouldn’t that be a distraction while looking for a headshot?

It can be disabled, in fact it should be off by default for anyone participating in the match. However, as long as the hats are relatively small and it’s custom texture isn’t distracting, it shouldn’t throw people too far.

If anything, it would be a giant target. But I assume everyone makes the game look like shit on purpose and cranks up the brightness for Pure Skillz™ anyways.

I like it.

along as their is an option to disable it

This would be great for spectators viewing using free cam, you can see the position of each clan member clearly.

Do you mean christmas hat* not a hat/tophat??

** * tips Christmas hat* * *

I really dig this m8.