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“multiclienting is NOT allowed”==> Are there other “secret” rules?

harassment :
aggravation (informal) annoyance, badgering, bedevilment, bother, grief (informal) hassle (informal) irritation, molestation, nuisance, persecution, pestering, torment, trouble, vexation

How the fuck was I harassing him? I just said he was bad, and then I was talking to erza .

BTW: Using vague rule creates gray area, and gray area create problems .

BlueFire : This is just a question of logic, don’t be a dumbass. You are wrong in all points so stop it. Your freedom ends where others begin. Annoying others is maybe not a rule but can lead you to have restrictions.
I don’t know why you would do on Internet what you wouldn’t do in life as you’re probably a shy and desesperated dude. Then multiclient is also faking some important informations and trying to avoid restrictions. So this is even worse. So I think you should stop spamming posts cause you get annoying. And being annoying at this point can lead you to restrictions.
I’m done

Which kind of logic enable to insult other ppl??

Internet and real life are different, on internet you can die 23 time, it’s not a problem, but you can’t do that IRL.

I am looking for clarification of the server’s rule, in order to improve them. How can I be annoying when I am trying to improve the rules?


How many post or thread / week is spamming?

As in, posting 4 times in a row without really adding weight to your argumentation?

But yeah, should’ve been an /ignore there.

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Sorry, but read again, each post is about something different.

You can include all of those points in a single post. Discourse has a convient quoting tool where while you are writing a post, you can highlight text in any other post and click on the quote button, and that would automatically generate a quote of that text where your cursor is in the editing window.

All of the current rules of GrangerPub can be found in the original post of this topic:

As a side note, multiclienting in itself is not against the rules, however, evading (as well as other violations that can be facilitated by multiclienting) is.


So, multiclienting is not fobidden if I do not use use it to evade?

Multiclienting is not forbidden provided you don’t use it to evade nor use it to violate any other rules (such as ghosting and/or cheating).

so , is it forbidden to join H with one account and join A with the other?
How can you be sure that I am not going to ghost?

Why would you want to do that (for reasons that would not violate the rules)? If you are playing on both teams simultaneously, that in itself would give you an unfair advantageous in terms of access to information, and would be considered cheating. If however, you and a friend and/or a family member are both playing on the same ip, playing on opposite teams would not be against the rules.

But, it can be determined if a single person is attempting to use both accounts at the same time him/herself, or if there are indeed two people playing, as no one can play well simultaneously on more than one client in Tremulous (this is true whether the clients are on opposite teams or the same team).

Do you know the what are double screen set up?

double screen isn’t the problem, the problem is having double input to independently control both clients, and not play worse than a noob when playing on both clients simultaneously.

yea, that’s true XD.

But what about using the other client to do that: you wanna join H but there are 4 H and 3 aliens so you can’t
Join A team with the first client and H team with the other one! and then you left A team because you wanna play H


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  • Annoyance
  • Pestering
  • Torment
  • Trouble

If what you said is true then it can count as harassment from what you’ve listed as if he finds it that way.

Forgetting everything else, evading a mute is against the rules whether you multi-client or not which is not the right thing to do. Multi-client, or evading would sure count as evasion?


More specifically Rule 4 says:


Then that would be a unbalanced game. Stop with the nonsense. Your questions are being answered accordingly.