Classic Tremulous

The map is fortification, a callvote nextmap tremship-b4 appears, despite your best efforts the hoards of young europeans f1 it eagerly excited to do their best Cerkitz impression with an MD on humans. Meanwhile, every single south american in the server all of the sudden has something to prove and without a shadow of a doubt Punky will hard rant you and exclaim “wooped” after a barely time limit victory on aliens, should you kill yourself now, or later? Lmk.


Remember kids, the answer is always SOON™.

[spoiler] What the fuck is this thread exactly about, anyways? Shitty Tremulous moments? [/spoiler]

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First of all, leave drugs n booze son; i dont even say “wooped”, never. Also i rarely rant because is boring, unless the other team uses csuit or spams luci COF COF Bird COF COF like an Fk spams trash talk (true fact m8) or if i have to defend the base from a massive attack; also i never knew an Fk who doesnt rants right when aliens get s3. 1. Cerk rantwhores always even if humans are s1. 2. Bird rantwhores very often even if humans are s1. 3. Hero rants always no matter what. So i suggest you to stop crying about this in-game and here because at least my only objective is to have a lil fun in this dead game; you are just taking this shit to a point too serius and starts bothering me. Oh and i can answer the question

Sooner, better. If u do it you will help the world.

It was supposed to be one of those fun parody threads about today’s meta… Sorry for upsetting you fellas…




Leave GrangerHub. Now.

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cool thread :wink: :thumbsup:

But what about this quote following quote?

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I don’t understand why ppl complain about Rants.

The same thing is whoring dretches with MD and Luci.

Goons and adv Goons can’t do much against 3\4 spamming lucies.

I’m not against anything of what I wrote, but it’s annoying when someone complain about this

P.s. Rant is funny


Rants are litterally a part of 1.1 vanilla game play. Anyone who thinks that 1.1 vanilla game play is the holy grail of Tremulous game play, should accept rants with a loving embrace.

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Even because more hard to kill than rants is a full team of bs (luci\chains).

S3 vs S3 win the team that cooperate most, that’s all


Rant is boring

I don’t complain either about rants unless they’re unnecessary like it always is when Cerk or Bird use it against s1 lol; and i dont cry like them when they do. But hell they do as babys when i rant or someone else does. They like to rantwhore but dont like to get rantwhored