[COMPLETED] Announcement of Pulse will going to successor

#[center][color=yellow] PULSE [/color][/center]

Hi guys! Today I’ll make my own decision that Pulse will going to be update for some replacement. This is first time will doing modify since 11 years ago. (Original map was released in June 2006)

@romdos noticed a link for me as inside pk3 file of text file had included link for us. So I’ll give some descriptions that I’ll need to replace it:

  • The outside sound as we heard weird humming like was actually from Venus magnetic field system sound. You can listen from Youtube (2 links in below) that the sound was strangely familiar as original outside sound.

Recorded from NASA and uploaded by Aryanatomy: 1 or 2

  • Human base will replace like spawn from nodes randomly to inside or outside (at main entrance of human base will remove and replace to generator room)
  • All inside places will adjust light values for better looking and brighter

Oh! I forgot to mention! This map (Pulse) was actually from Venus as we playing.

I hope everyone will giving lots of fun. Cheers! :wink:

[color=red]NOTE:[/color] This map was made by soubok. Check his Google Site page as he made it: https://sites.google.com/site/soubok2/tremulous

##[center][color=migreen][] [] [] [] UPDATED [] [] [] [][/color][/center]

In my conclusion, Pulse had really a BUG since @ViruS told me about it couple years ago, I tried this bug and it’s really had irregular places that can able to build on humans/aliens. Also that bug was made on purpose.

So now on, I’ll fix that bug and will investigate some leaked problem as @MaeJong told it.

#[center][color=darkcyan] EVENT PROCESS [/color][/center]

This is my first time of my event logs that I’m processing and testing successor mapping.

[color=red][/color] = Not yet on testing
[color=yellow][/color] = Something problem when testing
[color=midblue][/color] = In working
[color=migreen][/color] = Test is OK

  • [color=migreen]Fix on irregular places[/color]
  • [color=migreen]New outside sound[/color]
  • [color=migreen]Human base have randomly spawn to inside or outside[/color]
  • [color=migreen]Adjust light value[/color]

Updated: Just now I tested to render Pulse by NetRadiant and got error message.

[color=red]MAP LEAKED[/color]

I dunno what exactly means? :confused:

Also it takes me wayyyyyyy longer as well to render! What a crappy!

Anyone else for solutions?

There is a hole in the map leading to the void. You need to follow the debug red line to find the hole and plug it.

Also if you decompiled the map, there are no detail brushes, which means there is an insanely high amount of vis portals which will cause severe lags both in q3map2 and the game.


Ok. Romdos gave me a link that included .map file as I told.

However, I tried to render to bsp file are much longer and waiting too deep for rendering too complicated entities and lights.


pls no. Just fix the bugs


@BillyRazOr2015 i have to agree with @Ckit here. We should see what the map is like when compiled before considering changing it.

From there, a list of specific BUGS or problems with play should be reported, and plan accordingly.

As far as we know, pulse 102 had bugs with glitch building in the water area behind a grate, and also potentially aliens building on the skybox outside.


And don’t forget:

Which has been another source for glitch building in at least previous versions.


Updated 1st post


@BillyRazOr2015 any date we can download the new updated map? :smiley:
I’d really like to play it and see how would bots (from ambush mod) do on it :stuck_out_tongue:

My answers had already told it, even if my computer performance soon as slow as that.

I can only say not confirm yet for release date, also I’m quite busy for college assignment and final project. So I’ll do it without any faster and will coming soon. :slight_smile:

Sorry? Idk what’s kind of mod? :confused:

Updated 1st post again. All members and guests can see my event process for current testing.


Good news, I found a link that this mapping was made by soubok.


Unfortunately, soubok was not going to work it again, but I’ll let people to know that Pulse is going to successor as I’m processing and improving for replacement. (pulse_102 was actually Pulse Beta 3)


Updated 1st post.


Updated 1st post.

@romdos suggested to not for new replacements, so I’ll just need some fixing bugs will OK. :slight_smile:

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Updated 1st post.

Pulse is now completed on fixing project, only not render yet or in rendering. So maybe will upload Pulse later. :wink: :smiley:

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] After I’m testing modified Pulse, there’s something still have various problems with inside triggers, so I’ll delay for few days to release mapping. Sorry for this happened.


Hooray! Pulse RC1 is now released! :smiley:

Please lock up this thread as my project modification is completed. :thumbsup: