Crazy map requests

I want to request a few old F maps to be put on grangerclub, if they arent already i couldnt check.
Those are mostly lolmaps, but fairly playable.

Maps in question are: weedspartyhouse-b12, zandronum_b18, netway_beta, watah-b5, plantia8, paint7, stalkyard-b3 and blendermap03.

I can provide them if needed, but will take me a while till i can be arsed.

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I remember weeds party house xD

That nicolas cage button and the troll ones

Some maps IMHO that could be added to GPub would be watah, stalkyard, netway, zandronum and plantia8

I think paint is already in there and blendermap is one I haven’t played or I just forgot.

this needs to be on the server


I couldn’t find b12, but I added b11 to test7341 and GrangerClub.

Added to the test7341 server, GrangerClub, and GrangerPub.

Already on test7341, GrangerPub, and GrangerClub

added to test7341, GrangerPub, and GrangerClub

I can’t find it

I can’t find it

I couldn’t find zandronum_b18 and only found zandronum_b17, which crashes with the following error:

Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 19660840 bytes from the main zone Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.


All of these are from my maps folder since those specific maps were only made for F server back then.


Thanks @burrito :slight_smile:

Added map-stalkyard-b3.pk3 to test7341, to GrangerPub, and to GrangerClub.

Added map-blendermap03.pk3 to test7341, and to GrangerClub.

Added weedspartyhouse-b12.pk3 to test7341, and to GrangerClub.

For some reason I still get the above mentioned error fo zandronum_b18.pk3, we are looking into it more.

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Very nice, thanks a lot.