Debates and Observations of Game Concepts

Continuing the discussion from PlayMap System: An overview of a new map selection system:

The entirety of GrangerHub Development’s current design for the PlayMap system is in the original post on the topic this post is linked from. You are welcome to study this design over and offer feedback through replies to that topic. However, we have not fully implemented that design on test7341 yet. Something to keep in mind is that while debates over a concept can be very beneficial, such debates can be even more beneficial when said concept can be observed in action through its complete implementation.

This assumption is wrong. Playmap is a map queue that works on a first-come-first-serve basis and is totally separate from map rotation. All/any players can have up to 1 map queued from a list of admin-approved maps, where each map will have restrictions like minimum/maximum players needed to be queued, as well as a replay timer to set how often the map can be requeued. The system is intended to replace next/map votes (because they suck).

The idea is borrowed from’s quake servers, where it has been in place for years and works great. Once all features of playmap are completed, get back to me, but otherwise I’m not interested in feedback on it.


Ignorance is bliss?

No, there’s no point in complaining about something that we know is broken/incomplete. It’s on a development server so things being broken or in-flux should be expected.