Dedgame <3 (contains 50% sarcasm)

Wot the fok happened here? When did tremlas get a fancy website? How do I shot webs? I go lazy for half a year and there’s a nuclear plant in my backyard. This layout is so foreign and a pain to navigate. I’m lost and hungry, pls explain me things and name the big names around here so I can suck up to them because I’m unfamiliar and no one told me anything while I was away.

I see a few familiar names but I dunno who else is here. Oi, give me a shout.

Welcome to GrangerHub’s forums Lavanite :smiley: !

There has been a lot of action happening with Tremulous recently. GrangerHub opened the first public multiprotocol servers several months ago. These servers allow all 1.1 clients, all gpp clients, and the soon to be released new Tremulous client.

GrangerHub has been working on the next version of Tremulous which includes new servers, and a new client (that can also connect to the old servers). This website is being developed to support and provide resources to the Tremulous community as a whole, including clans, server owners, mappers, modders, and players in general.

Everything is still a work in progress, but we are getting closer to that initial release. If you would be interested in participating in the tests and development of the new servers we will be having our Thursday Development games in about another 20 minutes on the test7341 server ( GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums ) , or you can catch our Saturday development games on the same server: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

To help get familiar with these new forums, I recommend that you take a look a the FAQ: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums . Also feel free to browse existing topics to learn more about the GrangerHub community.

If you have questions about the website, check out the meta category, and if the ansers you are looking for are not there, you are welcome to make a new post: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

If you have questions about Tremulous in general, or Tremulous development, the Tremulous category is the place to check out: .

If you have crazy and or silly ideas, don’t hold back, we encourage such discussions, and the Evil Genius Think Tank might be a goo place to start: .

There are many more categories to explore and participate in.

can you link to the source repository where all the development is going on? will the new client be backward compatible?


Welcum back larva. Ru rdy to git rekt

So does this project include changing game core mechanics or simply flexibility and reliability? I’d really hate to see the the base game getting changed outside of mods.

flish pls I’ll kik ur ass. I’m not going active though. Just checking here and there. Not having admin powas would mean me getting kicked off servers for being an asshole or “hacking” again.

I don’t know what 1.1 tremulous was like, since I found trem only a year ago, but all the admins here are reasonable people like Sparky. People only get kicked off GrangerPub, where all the games are, for violations of rules laid down [here] (GrangerPub server rules, features, and admin list) (I suggest you read them and start playing :wink: ).

Welcome to GrangerHub, a hovel open to all grangers who pass by.

– rlb

I’m not worried about the admins, it’s the votekicks I’m used to getting when there’s no admins. Tremulous has always been cancerous and I doubt that’ll ever change. But from what I’ve seen around here so far, the majority is alright. You can set up a government but you can’t change its people.

I’m just here to play what’s left. I highly doubt anything would be able to bring it back from its coffin but it’s not a miracle I’d shut the door on if it happens. My admin days are over, I’m done with responsibilities here.

The new client and the new servers are being developed privately by GrangerHub’s development team until the new version is ready for the initial release. However, the launcher/updater is openly developed on github: Search · tremulous launcher · GitHub (this allows for straightforward support of the client with future releases after the initial release, so that we don’t have to include everything in our wish list to have the initial release). Also, as you know, the tests for the server is open to the public, and we have the development games. All of the code for the new servers and client will be publicly available when we are ready to release the binaries.

Yes, as I’ve mentioned the new client is multiprotocol (like the new servers), so you could use the new client on the old 1.1 and gpp servers (besides the new servers). The client unifies all 3 protocol server lists into a single server browser.

We are working on a new “vanilla” game play, that is fundamentally based on the 1.1 vanilla game play, but with various enhancements. We working closely with a lot of old school tremulous players with the design of this new game play. right now we are working on implementing all of the main features of this game play we have planned, and you will see this game play unfold rapidly over the next several weeks on the test7341 server.

Although keep in mind that the design is not set in stone, and major adjustments are expected to occur as we see this work in progress in action in actual games, and as we get more input from you the Tremulous community.

If after we are “finished” implementing this new game play, there is still a need for “purish” 1.1 vanilla game play, it wouldn’t take too long to implement that game play as an option as well. I would like to point that it would be relatively straight forward for modders to port existing gpp and 1.1 mods to the new server. But I know of a bunch of modders who are waiting for the initial release to work on brand new mods built on the new server from scratch.

I new game play is only one of the major feature of the new server/client. The client comes with the latest updates to the ioquake3 engine which includes the new OpenGL2 renderer. This new renderer has very impressive graphics while still having efficient enough performance to function pretty well on lower end older computers. But the old renderer will still be included so you can optionally switch back to that if you wanted. A very important feature of Tremulous that we will ensure is kept is good support for older, lowend computers (as well advanced gaming computers, and everything in between).

That is a very important issue that we are addreesing with features in the new version. The problems with the abuse of votes, chat, and other exploits in Trem is generally the fault of the community nor of the admins, but of the faulty system and technologies that have been in placed. We have a lot of improvements that address thes issues already in place, and we have a lot more that we plan to implement in the coming weeks.

There are other major features we have planned for the initial release, such as the completion of the warmup mode, an overhaul to the map selection process, enhancements to the admin system, a lot of major improvements to the UI, and improved security features.

As we pick up the pace in heading towards the initial release, it is especially important that the community continues to attend the development games, and is a part of the process, especially in regards to ideas, suggestions, comments, and constructive criticisms.

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hi shitnite

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Welcome back.

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