[DENIED] Burrito (Club)

Hey admins been a long time, first off I want to get this off my chest.I AM NOT applying for ghub, i am applying for gclub.
reason why is because sometimes there’s not an admin around when we have a clan scrim and it kinda bugs me. i would like to at least get high enough admin for scrimon/off
and other important commands

vote4burrito thx

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It is true. but i don’t like much the admin on granglub, because it is for scrims and i don’t know it, good luck burrito! :smiley:

.#vote4burrito .#IputadotbeforemyhashtagbecauseifIdonotputitthetextgetf*kingbig .#hashtag .#XD

Good luck churrito

I’ve been on during most if not all of the past NoS scrims. Ghost, a level four admin in your clan has also been there for most if not all of your scrims. If Ghost isn’t there, I am, vice versa. Ghost has proven his administration sufficiency and activity which leads me to question your alleged necessity for administration on club. Also, before applying for administration I’d suggest making some sort of widespread apology for your past offenses, which, if I may remind you - you were temporarily banned for. Also, why apply if you aren’t going to follow the application format? Thanks.


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I agree anyway i’m neutral and @burrito NoS clan got a lot admin on Gclub example Cron(7), BlowFish(4), Ghost(4), Face(3), Khione(5), dude if you gonne scrim ask some admin in your clan to accompany the clan when you scrim but it’s okay if you app admin for GClub

your sincerely

face isn’t active that much anymore
khione doesn’t even scrim lol
ghost most times
and cron doesn’t scrim that much either

Okay Thanks for information

wth why does leader get less admin than everyone else this sucks #fightinjustice
i even made that darn topic wth i will go delete it

wth wth they are just scum idiot pollacks that no give me admin :pensive:

I forgot about this thread. Please accept my sincere apologies.

[quote=“burrito, post:10, topic:712, full:true”]
wth wth they are just scum idiot pollacks that no give me admin :pensive: [/quote]

Yup. Denied - lots of nos members already have the required admin level, as do many people from other clans.