[DENIED] Elite's Level 3 Admin App

Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
UTC-5:00, I usally play like a lot on trems its different days like one day ill play a lot then the other I won’t play was much but I normally play a lot.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
I want to be admin to help out the community and be able to lock teams on scrims turn scrim mode on and stuff like that but to expand out in the community and to be known be other players on the tremulous and tremfusion servers but also to help out.

• What is your past admining experience:
I’m currently level 4 admin on test7341 and I admin on a game long time ago I was the highest level admin but that game isn’t around anymore but even if I’m not admin I try to have fun help out the server at the same time joke around but sometimes I joke to much. :wink:

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
Too help out the server and the servers community, also to get alone with other players and help them out when they need help from a other player and also at the same time play and have fun.

• What level are you applying for:
Level 3

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank)
These are confirmed vouchers Ckit, Sonic, Sparky, and Khione

This should not be your priority as an admin.

Our main priority is to keep this community/game as clean as we can and make them/it as fun as possible for everyone.
Wanting specific commands such as locking teams and suchs on specific servers might not be a good way to approach us in an application.

Also, your past experiences (my thoughts) don’t look good enough to be written. (The test one is ok, but it’s the test server and shouldn’t be counted as an experience since only the admins/devs go in the server for testing. (Most of the time)). For the past game you said you were admin. Without a proof of you being a head admin on a game that was closed isn’t a good and valid experience.
Writting (The test7341 server as a basic experience and only this one would have been better on my side.)

But again. This is my thought on the matters. I might not be as experienced as some other admins like shuffy, but I got enough experience to write this post.

Anyway, the rest of the application looks good to me.

The poll has been opened.

Tbh i don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting those commands, if you’re into scrimming i’d argue those commands are 2nd most important after buildlog and revert. besides elite already stated he wants to help and expand the community.

@Elite even though the game isn’t around anymore, mind giving us the name in case of the possibility someone on our admin team might have heard about it / played it?

I’d also suggest you take the time to read this thread A guide to admin applications (new applicants read here) - #4 by Ckit

Thx Avarthar

I do understand what you mean there @DarkMicrobe, but an admin’s job is not only on the Scrim server.

For the scrims, what you said is completely right and is totally the truth.
But when it comes to the public server, requesting some specific (and unrelated to the public server) commands isn’t a good way (in my opinion) to approach us when applying for an administration rank.

(Don’t worry I’m totally with you on that one. Scrim commands are important in Scrim and Scrim only. That’s mostly my point…)

For the game name… As DarkMicrobe said, providing a name would definetely help validating your past experiences.
I’ve already written something about that in my first post here, but I wanted to write it again so you don’t miss it.


good luck elite! :stuck_out_tongue:

thx bro

Hi @Elite! Gook luck for being admin. :wink:

Good luck.

Thx Evoker :slight_smile:

Good luck brodie

Thx Hoe

You were banned for 30 minutes today due to impersonation. You and @Ninja should really stop grabbing for attention with these shenanigans you both keep pulling.


im sorry bird me and ninja were just trolling I guess when ur a admin you cant joke around I’m sorry ill start acting more mature

Is not about joking elite, is about following the rules if you want to become an admin, Jokes that breaks the server rules ain’t jokes at all afaik. Remember that admins are roles models for other players, if you want to be an admin you must behave like one.


true wood ill work on my maturity thx for being there to scrim with us btw we lost 2-1 :frowning:

It’s funny how not one of them posted here in confirmation.

I did vouch for Elite. If not I would have indicated so.

Not pulling any shenanigans, he literally changed his name to Sparky just for fun…and was getting ready to change it back before you banned him. And what shenanigans have we pulled other than ‘this one’?