[DENIED] YellowLightning' s 2nd application for level 4/5

Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

-My in-game name actually is YellowLightning[EBSF], but i used to be Juan or BlackJack at the past (And a lot of other names that i can’ t remember :S).

What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:

-My timezone is UTC -3 (Argentina BsAs). i play around 6 H per day (10 am - 23:00 or +); i try to play all days but the truth is that i play like 4/5 days per week.

Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

-I think the admins at GrangerPub are doing a really good job, but i feel there is an empty space because there is not an admin on always and that is not enough to maintain the game healthy and that all we can enjoy. I just want to help because i love this game and i am pretty active.

What is your past admining experience:

AA = Level 4
BB = Level 4
.:|Server = Level 6
Trem*Arg = Level 5

What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

-The priority of an admin is to keep the game experience to all players clean, without decons, malicius building, chat disrespectfully, etc; and all that based at the server rules. beign helpfully for the players (especially with the news) its a crucial factor. Always with patiently, beign fair but straight with rules, applying them responsibly and without personal matters affecting the duty.

What level are you applying for:

-I’ m applying for level 4/5 (If i corresponds to a lower level does not matter, i’ ll be always helpful). I’ m applying for this levels because i would have acces to warn, mute, cancelvote, denybuild, buildlog, revert, pause, kick, rename, spec999 and ban. These commands are important to apply many of the rules.

Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

- The only one for the moment is @Helper_Bot ; if some good admin wants to vouch me just let me know at comments and i’ll appreciate :slight_smile: .

After being denied i tried to make myself known a little more. During this time i had a couple of troubles as you could see :S, but I 'll try to behave better and not cause problems. I have been reading my application and I think that is correct, only modified a few things :smiley: . Sorry about my english and thanks for taking your time to read my application and have a nice day / night.

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Hey @YellowMellow I don’t think you asked for a vouch from me but I’ll still vouch good luck :slight_smile:

Oh no, i did not, but I guess my mention in the post counts as a question :blush: and thank you very much!!! <3

No problem :slight_smile:

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Next time. Ask me in person either over Slack or through another EBSF member if I will vouch for you on your admin application. I cannot speak for Effect (another EBSF member) and I don’t presume to speak for any of the other names listed, but you obviously put very little (zero) effort into finding out if any of us actually WOULD vouch for you and it shows laziness on your part.

Do NOT misunderstand me. I am not attacking you as a clan member nor do I have any dislike of you in regards to clanning with you. But the admin and server issues are a set part aside of the EBSF clan, and I take huge issue with your admin application.

I cannot vouch for any person applying for admin if I think they are simply going through the motions or not taking the time that can easily be found in-game at the very least, to make the admin application look a little sharper.

I will not vouch for you on this one.

Best of luck.


Please ask them in-game before applying. What you’ve done here is misleading (as it happens I do not vouch).

Poll set up.

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@Rekove Well, i am feeling a little attacked but, i can understand the anger of your part; i seriusly had no time at the moment, but in NO WAY i put no effort on my application and less went through the motions simply. I’ m taking that as an insult since you don’ t respect my work on this (if I’m making another mistake or at least of interpretation please let me know). Please don’ t misunderstand me, the fact that you say i didn’ t put effort on my application is a really toxic charge for me because you’ re questioning my behavior of facing a situation as it can be a formal application (if I’m making another mistake or at least of interpretation please let me know, since this is not my 1st language)

Again, i had no time at that moment, i thought i had enough confidence of your part as to list you and if you like respond me with yes or not at the comments, since you are friends and clanmates of mine (damn this hurts); but yes i see my error and i’ m trying to fix it. I clearly don’ t asume you are vouching for me.

And finally, i saw a lot of people doing the same (and in no way i’ m justifying myself) and none of you said nothing :confused: .

Thank y’ all for pointing out my mistakes I’ll try to fix them (I exclude from the latter to menace because he was very aggressive with me as often some more).

I understand my error and i am trying to fix it, but, respectfully, please don’ t say is misleading. Clearly says i don’ t know, maybe (list of possible vouchers) let me know at the comments if you would like to. At no point i claimed anything about these players, therefore i did not cheat anyone.

it’s a better idea to ask people to vouch for you before posting an application.
Any “maybe” in your application only improves the chance of not getting admin.

sorry for double post but why did you copy your other application word for word aside from the vouching part? forum.grangerhub.org/t/denied-yellowlightning-s-application-for-level-4-5

Looks like you put no effort into your application to me m8


I’m on 24/7 :’(

To be fair, the answers for those questions are practically the same for every application that we receive. There isn’t much you can change. He did include something about what he was trying to change after he was denied, which is a good addition in my opinion. @YellowMellow When you’re in game, talk to as many admins as you can. If more people get to know you, you will have a better chance :slight_smile:

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Punky confirmed

That’s fair enough but yellow shouldn’t talk about putting a lot of effort into his app if he’s just copying his previous application, that’s dishonest.

A couple things. The fact that you feel “attacked” when you receive blunt criticism on something like an admin application shows immaturity on your part. If the community handed out admin lightly like servers have done in the past all sorts of weird bullshit would start happening. I won’t go into the details right now, but it’s not pretty.

There was zero anger on my part. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty impartial to the entire affair. But logically, the fact that you say you “seriously had no time at the moment” is complete crap. I don’t get on the server very often these days, but when I’m on I’ve seen you. I’ve never seen you pm me and ask if I’d give you a vouch on the next admin application you made, yet I see you type a lot in-game otherwise. Definitely tells me you had time to do so. So is it toxic for me to say you could have put more time into making your application more presentable? Or is just realism?

There was no mistake on your part, I meant exactly what you thought I meant. Your application was bad and needs work in the future. If you want, I will work with you and help teach you for the future as you are both an EBSF member and showing some amount of change from your past character.

The fact that you think because we clan together it means I will vouch for you on something completely apart from the clan is both assuming incorrectly on your part, and an insult to my integrity. You put me in a position where I must either create strife between us, or lie and say I have faith in you without cause creating a biased admin for the server (myself), and I will not personally become biased or hypocritical if at all possible.

I have said nothing on other admin applications where people just “do the same thing” because my name was not listed among the vouchers.

Let me give you some advice for the future and how I, myself, would go about creating an admin application. First: I would listen to the admins’ advice on the subject. I have seen several high leveled admins give some advice on this admin application and even former admins.

Second: I would specifically ask admins (probably level 6 or higher) if they would help teach me how to become an admin worthy character for the community.

Third: I would ask (ask, not pester…there is a difference) high leveled admins AFTER I have learned some things from the admins, if they would vouch for me. If they say yes, then that’s a yes. If they say they’ll think about, then let them come to you in their own time whenever they are willing to give you an answer. And if they say no, do not berate, talk back, or become verbally abusive towards them. Instead, ask them why. Ask them how you can become a better candidate in the future, and ask them if they are willing to reconsider in an appropriate amount of time.

Fourth: I would understand and accept that “friendships” are a horrible way to get into a public admin team, unless you’re specifically applying for a clan admin level on a clan server. Strong and well considered admin teams are created and molded as objectively as can be, and the factors that are looked for are more solid than the biased “yes’s or no’s” of friends or clanmates.

And finally fifth: I would look at the admin applications of some of the other admins on the public server. It helps you see what people critiqued them on, and also how strong their initial application was. DO NOT copy/paste their words, that is both dishonest and laziness…but read what they have to say and think about how it applies to yourself and where you see yourself fitting into that general idea.

I clarified specifically on my first post that I was not personally attacking you, but you still felt personally attacked. I am sorry you felt that way. I will therefore clarify again, this is not an attack against you. This is a realistic (yet harsh) way of looking at ANY admin applicant and the basic gist of fundamental admin applications. As I said before, I will not vouch for you on this admin application but I WILL offer to help you in the future if you want, and perhaps, I’ll be willing to vouch for you on your next admin application if this one fails.

P.S. Have fun reading that.


Aw no TL;DR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you saw a lot of people raping a twelve year old, and nobody said anything, would you join in?

To be fair, the majority of admin applications on this forum are shit. I’m considering making my own, knowing it would fail, just to give an example of how to apply for admin for future applicants.

I mean, it worked for Elite… :joy:

Also, since it was deleted by a corrupt forum moderator, I feel the need to repeat myself: DO NOT LIST ANY ADMINS AS A VOUCHER WITHOUT EXPLICITLY ASKING THEM FIRST AND GAINING THEIR APPROVAL. It’s just about the quickest way to get your app denied. If you can’t be assed to ask an admin to vouch for you, how can we expect you to ask admins questions about the roles of being an admin? If you “have no time” lately to ask an admin to vouch for you, how can we expect you to even have time to admin properly? It reeks of the desire to be powerful, not the desire to make the server a better place.

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I would support it (given it addresses the important questions)

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When i did that application i past around 1 and a half hour, that’ s a nice proportion of effort, and re-reading analyzing it in search of mistakes; and changing a few things it’ s effort too, at least for me; so please, respect my work a little more and do not call me dishonest. And i did not change too much of my application because i consider the answers are all perfect, except for small mistakes of which i took care to find and change. Thank you @Craze for understand this. I know i made a mistake by listing a non-vouch admins, and i tried to fix it; so please stop spamming it. i’ ll take this as a learning for the future.
@Rekove I pondered for a while, and I realized that you 're absolutely right , like @Menace13 (although the latter was a bit aggressive) . Only I would like to do not receive adjectives that qualify me negatively, because I think I deserve them not , not yet at least.


But you can’t ask everyone to make multiple-paged essays like evo did for each question either lel

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