Desired Changes Megathread, Guides, etc

I’m considering putting a thorough post up on the forums that would include all of the changes I think Tremulous would benefit from. This would include buildables, weapons & gear, alien classes, etc. Most of these changes would be pretty basic, but I would also include a couple of ideas I had that would require more development (that I can’t do).

Would anyone else be interested in collaborating on such a thing? I don’t know if I should just post one giant megathread or multiple separate ones. A lot of the ideas on this board get swept under the rug and cast to the winds pretty rapidly, so I was hoping we would get some sort of massive sticky change thread, but I guess that would be a bit unfair to other’s ideas.

Another thing I want to do is post an extensive guide for all aspects of Tremulous that I’m comfortable enough with to write about. This may help some scrubs out, even though many of them don’t use the forums.


I was thinking of something similar, guides and aspects of tremulous can be added to the Grangerhub wikia.

Each idea would get a lot more focus in discussion if they were in separate topics. I recommend that you read through all of the posted ideas in the “Evil Genius Think Tank” category and in the “Tremulous” category first. Also it helps to use the search to help find exiting topics that might be related to one or more of your ideas.

If you have ideas that are about existing old topics and would add more to the discussions in those topics, don’t hesitate to necro old topics (necroing is encouraged on GrangerHub’s forums). If you have an idea related to or inspired by an existing post, but the idea would be off-topic, you can reply to the existing topic as a new linked topic (by clicking on “Reply as linked Topic” to the right of the post)