Development of new Unstoppable

Hey everyone! Since weeks ago I made a brand new font logo design as I downloaded new cool font stuffs, so currently I’m developing this map for new style, also the door speed is back to default, so everyone will enjoy to play with running quickly. :wink:

But it just a dev version, so I uploaded a screenshot for only proof of improvement. :thumbsup:

[color=red]NOTE[/color]: That Unstoppable logo is unable to wash out the black background (except colors), idk if “nomarks” is had not recognized or must put “nodraw” in shader? If everyone know about this problem, just leave a comment to me.

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Sounds good Billy!

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u wot?

Billyrazor is menace confirmed

LoL! @SUN just kidding about me :wink:

Fuck I was drunk, looking back at this now I am indeed embarrassed.


Guys, have anyone know how to make loop-able lights that can slight moving around it?

Example light shader:

go left / right
->->->->->->->->->-> [lights]

Hope will understand. :wink: