Discussion About The Relevance of "Kills" In Tremulous

Completely false. Whilst they aren’t the only thing that contributes to victory (other things include building damage) they are definitely the most important factor.

In 1.1 the only way to advances stages is KILLS

KILLS provides much more reward in terms of credits/evos (a dretch/rifle giving the same as a spawn). These rewards can also be distributed towards you team for stronger pushes.

This game (especially on ATCS) is highly dependent on map pressure and control (despite what tons of campers may think) If you do not push the enemy back to their base by inflicting large amount of damage or KILLING them, they will gather outside your base, gain morale, and then push into your base for the win.

KILLING someone repeatedly hits their morale considerably more than any other action, (I never rage quit if I lose an egg but if some faggot is MD whoring me I might.)

The observation where those with the highest kills don’t always necessarily win is a correct one though, that is due to a low evo and credit cap of (2000 and 9), stage 3 being the max stage, and aliens being stronger (humans usually gain higher scores). The longer a game is drawn out the less kills do become relevant. Sudden death hits, greatly increasing the value of destroying structures.

gpp incorporated a score based system which is an improvement in some ways, nevertheless it still provides score for kills and in many of these screenshots the order of the scoreboard would go unchanged (just a higher number)

I’d like to add in my screenshot that I went AFK around the 58 minute mark, also my only notable ally was a rusty flow.
I see a Dracone, and Sonic rant there at the end, but for a portion of the game they were using basi/mara respectively.

Caesars a ranting pussy and couldn’t touch dis.


I have one with like 8000 kills or something (I can’t honestly remember, but it was an insanely high number because I was grenade camping) but that was on Z server. Apparently I didn’t back it up because I removed my z mod due to lack of HDD space or somethhing

The highest I have achived on ATCS is certainly below 180 kills but that was long ago and I don’t play that seriously anymore and my aim hasn’t really improved either.

I’m going to have to agree with Ckit. Tremulous is not like TF2 where the primary goal of the game is to perform an objective. The primary goal of the game is completely eliminating (AKA kill) the other team to the point where 1) Noone is left alive and 2) All spawns are down. Kills give you credits, evos, time, space, advantages, opportunities, comebacks, points, stages and of course, victory.

This goes beyond merely getting kills like you would in Quake 3. Tremulous is basically one team performing complete genocide on the other for victory.

Early kills are important, the vast majority of the game is about rushing bases

The key is to try making every rush to their base worth your money and time, killwhoring is more time spent killing shit (a lot of small aliens)

SD is 25 and TL is 55, so only around 60% of the game is killing structures a priority. With large games stage 3 can sometimes be delayed for up to 15 minutes.

U don’t reach S3 in under 3 minutes? n00b

U know you don’t have to wait for SD to kill them

… Which requires kills. On a decent 12v12 match you will have atleast 1 guy defending the base to alert his teammates, unless you can pull of a sick 420 stealth wipe (which justifies 1 person camping the base to avoid that happening). Generally unless the team makes a mistake, you need to keep killing the other side until they ran out of steam to fight back.

THEN you gotta kill the builder trying to run away and destroy any spawns.

2 goons or 5 dretches is enough to pay you a luci rush, not even counting the eggs or OM credits

ya if aliens use teamwork why couldn’t humans do it aswell, doesn’t matter if ppl are bad they will most likely follow ur instructions



A “luci rush” is not one fuck with a bsuit and a luci. There is no “I” in Tremulous.

boys boys boys, although I appreciate the kill discussion this thread was meant for gloating

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A luci rush with helm larm and lcannon is 860 creds, 1060 for a nade so add maybe one dretch and you’ll have any luci rush paid.

Sorry about that! Perhaps this discussion is better served elsewhere. :slight_smile:

1.1 scores are kinda irrelevant to Tremulous though, as there is more to playing well in Tremulous than just getting kills. So many times I’ve seen the highest scoring players on the losing team. Not to say that gpp scores were much more relevant to good Tremulous game play.

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which of the following is relevant to Tremulous ?

  • kills
  • kills + 2 · agein years + √(pingin seconds)
  • enemy kills - teamkills
  • enemy kills - teamkills - deaths
  • funds gained
  • funds gained + funds drained from the enemy - funds lost - funds given to the enemy
  • funds gained + funds drained from the enemy - funds lost - funds given to the enemy + funds contributed towards increasing the stage - funds contributed towards countering the increase in stages

also, which of the above is relevant to winning a game ?

also, which of the above is relevant for the fun factors ?

im no good at multiple choice

im not exactly sure what we’re arguing about