[EMGFk]The European Minority Group of Fk

Ohh am I? Sorry I couldnt scrim yesterday because it was at fucking 5 am in my time and I was sleeping. I have some screenshot laying around Im playing scrims and some of them were against you and Fk :slight_smile: Im not playing trem 7/24 and I have a life. I might be wrong but nearly Im the only one active NOS memeber who is from Europe. I have 7-9 hours difference with my clan mates and they are nearly in the same time zone. But as far as I know you have members from Europe.


btw please edit that message to say European Union instead of Europe tyvm

Yes we have members from Europe.

Maybe it’s just me, but you have refused to scrim each and every time we have tried to set one up in the last few months.

Ew Europe

Since all the cool kids are getting flagged I might as well join in.

We only have one european member. Veen. He’s barely a members.

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Fucking hell. As far as I know Brexit happened and well Ckit from wales. But sure Im the wrong one. :smiley:

Interesting. So where does ckit live? Australia? I think wales still belongs to Europe and nope not the EU :smiley:

But plz correct me if Im wrong.

wat a crud


Technically not since it’s an island detached from the continent. (YA BUT CORSICA no corsica is a part of france, etc. for other islands)



Ohh dear god…

and as we all know, i don’t count.1


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Edited due to trigger: You’re wrong. He’s not european.

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Fk|/dev/humancontroller ?!?1?

@Hero , you need to update Fk’s roster Fk| Foreign Killers

@dGr8LookinSparky Can’t. Not a mod and I didn’t create the thread.

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@Ckit , you need to update Fk’s roster Fk| Foreign Killers

ah !

PS: that thread Γ0τ ρ3χτ. by the time of that post, i was TL;DRing like @Hendrich does regularly with my reasoning posts.


y does this thread even exist

It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me and I’m fucked up so it must not be one

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What do I need to update? Veen is listed there.


Are you saying that I still get 7 armies even if I don’t conquer UK?

Well you know Europen Union is not the same with Europe like a continent right? EU is political and economical.

Woah so they belong to nowhere technically? Or created like 7th and 8th continent? Tell me more about it.

I would like you to check some geographycal maps. It might help you and your friend, ckit. Because Great Britain or United Kingdom still belongs to Europe.(Not European Union. Dont mix things up.) Did you know Russia too? Its so interesting right? Malta is an island and still considered to European continenet. Why not Africa!? Jesus…

Well you can read the list here: List of European countries by population - Wikipedia

If you dont want to read you can check the map: File:Europe Asia transcontinental.png - Wikipedia

I hope I could help you.

PS.: Im not sure if you are trolling or just really that dumb.