Epic strafe run

Performed on GrangerClub server which is why I don’t have that fancy speedometer on the left of my framerate like I do in my other GPP-1.1 Arena tremulous videos.

Times Trial lengths:
[starts at]…[Time to reach the other corner]
0:00 Dretch first run 1:23
1:33 Dretch Second Run 1:22
3:15 Dragoon run 0:22

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Demo File (Insert into tremulous/base/demos and type /demo epic in the console):

hey virus, what hud do you use?. if you Upload Videos about trem, then i suscribe to your channel ! :smiley:

Meisseli’s or somethig like that.
I’ve modified mine thouh slightly so on impuee servers it shows an inter/extrapolation meter, dynamic alien sense that also shows friendlies, and if running my mod specificaly, a speedometer.
However on pure servers like grangerhub it only appears like he ordinary meis’ hud i guess.
I might have a download link on my website but i may not, i havnt checked.

ok thank you