Error MAX_configstrings

I have trouble connecting to the grangerhub. it says error_maxconfigstrings. any idea what this is?

well i got same shit some days ago, how to fix:

  • if you use custom HUDs, try Delete/Disable it and connect again (I used Miselli Hud, and got error, after removing hud all is fine)
  • Join grangerhub irc for got some helps.

If I’m not mistaken, the error I’ve seen was something like “Error: clientconfigstring > max_configstrings” (just guessing, but maybe it’s indicating the string is too long or has too many arguments?). It seems like I’ve seen this error and then get a completely different error when trying to replicate it.


This error happen only on two situations:

  • Server start whine about your custom HUD/Ui
  • Server start glitching (in grangerPub actually no, but on test7341…)