Everything looks too modern

The website looks too modern for its own good.

It should look outdated instead (with high-res texture variants for phones and Apple Retina screens of course).

I suggest changing your topic title to ‘New theme for discourse’ and let’s discuss that here

It’s not just discourse, http://wp.grangerhub.org/ looks much too modern as well.

I don’t disagree, but both site themes are yet to be customized. Things I would like to see for the main site for launch:

  • A new logo that feels more Tremulously, designed by someone in the community
  • A well thought-out color scheme / css
  • Different main font would help
  • Trem emojis
  • Trem themed ‘player avatars’
  • Sexy Tremulous themed art for the background
  • Grunge stuff up a bit because killing grangers is a dirty business.

Turtle Rock studios forum is a good example of what I think we should do with discourse.

Still way too modern.