F-Server Opera (gameplay footage of an old mod)

Here lies F-Server who is ded. A series of 10 videos with music that I made during the development of F and are a testemant to the genius of Sex (Xembie).
I didn’t know there was another dude called Weed at the time lol.



Good stuff. Hell, I even saw myself in one of those videos. I am hoping that one day either Mak or Sex revive it and repopulate Tremulous. As of right now, there aren’t that many active clans anymore. (including us, NoS)


Cool videos! Never played on F, but sure looks like fun.


All the server was were bots that were ripped from any generic bot wave mod, with some models and sounds that were ported from other fun-mods (drag and drop pk3’s). This server can be re-created and I had it in mind but have been working hard to develop my Z server.


Well, while I’m sure F utilized a lot of code and assets from other mod, as I understand it, F was a bit more than that. Xembie used it as an experimental sandbox, trying out all sorts of extremes in the engine and game logic, seeing what kinds of limits can be pushed, and finding new ways to defy convention in Trem. There is a lot that Xembie learned from those experiences, that he has been kind enough to apply in his contributions to 1.3 development :slight_smile: .

I didn’t get to play F very much, only occasionally during its last couple of years, but I think what was most important with that server was not so much the specific implementations, but rather its spirit of unrestrained experimentation and creativity, as well as the fun and friendly environment and atmosphere that the F community helped shape. Perhaps there have been other servers with that kind of spirit, but definitely that kind of spirit can live again in a new server, perhaps in 1.3 :slight_smile: .


For what its worth F was the one thing that kept me playing for maybe 10 years.
Which ultimately lead me to what now is grangerhub and 1.3

Its been many years past and sadly my memory isnt half as good, spent many years there, all those memories, lost like tears in rain.

But life goes on and tremulous lives on with grangerhub.