Females (Customizable?) Player Models

Lets talk about this before we open the GrangerHub floodgates and someone else tries to spin this topic into a shitstorm.

Whats stopping Willy Wonka from turning the dial on the Tremulous Clone-o-matic 5000 from XY chromosomes to XX? If given the opportunity, would it be worthwhile to do it?

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Lack of 3D modelers?

I don’t see why not.

If players want this, and don’t mind chomping her in the face, or occasionally bleeding her as they shoot other stuff, and she has a good taunt sound, it’s cool.

Now to jump right into #gamergate trigger zone: I like when female player models are not life like. I also like boobs but I’m an ass man.

What about abandoning the idea of clones altogether and implementing a basic character editor (think Sims and MakeHuman), if it is at all feasible?

That would be a LOT of work if it’s even technically feasible (which I strongly suspect it’s not) - for very little added value; customization of an aesthetic.

However, it might be possible to offer a good amount of customization by using a combo of (static) player model parts as well as control over things like uniform accent color, maybe hair and eye color, and skin tone.

do u want to see faces like the following in the game?

Actually, I do, why not? There’s already a serious-looking humans vs. aliens open-source game, Unvanquished, I don’t think that Tremulous should constrain itself with seriousness anymore.

Hell yeah. I would make my guy look like Hitler for the glory of the human master race.

u’d say the exact opposite, had u (once) been a U*********** developer.