First Tremulous Android Server!

Hi guys!!! good news for all, who wait Tremulous for Android…em nope, i not maked 1.1 client for android, but i do some too cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you can play Tremulous 1.1.0 from OpenArena android client!!!

How do this? very easy, no hard instructions, just do some steps:


I’m going to test this out on my Nvidia Shield. :slight_smile:

:)))) k

I got an error, I’ll try again later. 560 ping doesn’t seem attractive :frowning:

Doesn’t seem to work. It complains about client-mismatch. Is auto-download default on OA Android?

EDIT: Auto-download needs to be enabled first in the options. Now it just crashes when awaiting gamestate. :frowning:

LOL… priceless

Unfortunately I dont have an android tablet

w8…well try cl_allowodnwload 1, btw I USE OA DED FOR ANDROID, NOT STANDALONE… idk

btw: crush - well idk, ur sheild pretty cool device, what should load any cool games, btw my isn’t PROTablet worser that ur SHield in 100000% but no problems…w8

DevHC why u changed my post?

I not about qvms what we try port to q3 yestereday, i about VANILIA 1.0.2 (it very simair of 1.1)

Probaly UR MEGA NEXTGEN TERGA CPU/GPU do not support (DEVHC IGNORE MY NEXTWORD!) normally OpenArena…btw try connect to any other servers.

Here’s a few screenshots

there are a few more bugs here and there but the basic list of issues from the top of my head:

  1. Green/Red fullbright skins for buildable placements not working
  2. Buildable Health bars not working
  3. Not enough buttons… uhh, yes. Here are how my buttons mapped at the moment:
a) joy movement, includes jump if you press within 0.3 seconds of last touch or you let go within 0.3 seconds... which can be annoying, but can be edited via configs
b) jump... I could remap this to something else I guess
c) fire
d) secondary fire
e) console
f) view scores
g) evolve/buy
h) medkit/toggle blaster

As you can see I’m missing wallwalk toggle, itemact grenade, tertiary fire (e.g. goon snipe), zoom (it uses +zoom in 1.1) etc etc.
I could try mapping wallwalk to the jump button, multi-binding itemact gren to evolve/buy (however means I can’t sell the grenade if I buy one), tertiary fire to the medkit/blaster toggle, zoom to secondary fire, deconstruct to view scores…
4. In the screenshot with the keyboard, you can see that I can’t actually read the bottom of the console because the keyboard is in the way. I can only type blindly and there’s no arrow keys on the keyboard so I can’t refer to past entries if I make a typo.
Interestingly the game accepts console commands via messagemode, which default 1.1 didn’t if I recall correctly.
5. Some texture elements (e.g. dretch class icon) and particle system shaders (e.g. acid tube attack) is missing/invalid
6. The usual default binds problems, I edited mine manually via console and via OA startup configuration. Took me like 2 or 3 hours just to map those six silly buttons properly and a few other things like my username. A contributing cause was the gay android keyboard that requires you to press like 3 buttons just to type symbols such as ^
7. OA for some reason, downloads the files in reverse alphabetical order and downloads the data pk3 last and since OA does a vid_restart if you switch windows even just to check IRC chat, you screw up the download and you need to erase the files and re-download from the start again.
8. @NewSource: Despite what I said on IRC, I was actually wrong since that was first impression. It runs worse than my computer and OA runs more efficiently than tremulous and the control lag is excessive so fast paced action will be tough, particularly aliens attacking the human base

Also don’t mind the yellow overlay to reduce fatigue, that’s because it was like 2-4 am when I was doing this in bed. Not very healthy.

edit: Tremulous 1.0, no wonder

well my error: i think what if i gonna use 1.1 data with 1.0.2 qvm, in result cool…so nope…