Fix dretch blockers in a way

Dretches get explused while a dragoon or a tyrant does a charge on them. The problem is that it blocks them before getting expulsed. Maybe should dretch get expulsed before contact, so that collision is avoided ? (e.g : add a “range/layer” around the entities so that dretches get expulsed when colliding the layer and not the body)

P.S : This is mostly an issue for dragoons :wink:


I was thinking of another possible solution to dretch blocking. What if goons and rants would noclip with dretches while not holding down the walk button? A visual effect could be applied whenever a dretch is noclipped with a goon/rant to make this aspect appear to be not so out of place. If a goon/rant wants to clip against a dretch (for example, when having a dretch “lift” a rant), they could then hold the walk button.

I think that’s a good idea for F server, not for a serious business gamemode.

idea: remove dretch

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idea: remove Bluefire

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IIRC F already used noclipping for bots since they were able to be commanded to move in a pattern. They could ball up into this circle of aliens and murder anything in their path. I think it was also the same case for human bots. I could see it being easily abused though, so it’s best for a modded server like you said.

That’s exactly what I said, maybe wasn’t I enough explicit

Making them be moved by every pushing dragoon/tyrant isn’t a good idea either or we would come back to dretchball

That would lead to the end of the world!


Maybe dretchpunt needs some tweaking.

Edit: dretch fully blocks rant when rant has no velocity and tries to walk backwards.

Maybe dretches should get damaged or even killed when stepped on by goons and rampaging rants. That would also teach them to get out of the way.

Goons and rants shouldn’t be blocked completely, but slowed down somehow. I also like the idea of “careful walking” over the dretch, but it shouldn’t require walk :walking_man: mode - no one will do that for dretches.

That can also be very annoying, especially to new players.


Add wallwalking for rant, problem solved.

There is a technical issue with that where the bounding box of the rant does not have all equal edges, and that is a problem for the reasons I have described in this post: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

For wall walking, it looks the best when all edges of the bounding box is equal in size, and when the bounding box is relatively small. Otherwise either the model would stick out of the bounding box “too much” or the model would look like it is floating away from the surface it is suppose to be attached to.

As a side note, the F server did give wall walk to all of the alien classes. But even with appearances aside, I don’t think that all aliens should have this ability, some distinctions in abilities in different classes makes the game play more rich and strategic.

lol sparky thx for replying seriously, but in fact, my last post was 100% troll
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I kinda figured that, but regardless, even the craziest ideas are worth exploring, you never know what awesomeness you might discover :wink: .

F server actually had wallwalking tyrants if I remember well enough.


They did, but they used a giant dretch model for it, and I think they had the bbox adjusted to be a cube.


How about reduce the size of the dretch’s collision box so everything can just walk over it.