Flamer should set others on fire! \o/

I thought it would make the flamer better if it set others on fire with a fire particle that lasts a while and causes hurt then extinguishes in black smoke after a while. A proper flame thrower!


so kind of the same effect poison has. hurts you for a while after being hit. i think its a good idea but the flamer should be made slightly weaker at the same time if we were to do that.


I think thats a pretty cool idea. Maybe make it so Larmour/Bsuit makes the TK damage significantly less? So flamer is better later than early.


Personally, I would like to see flamer ammo and repeat rate both multiplied by four, with the damage lowered to 5 (from 20). Many people don’t realize that the flamer only shoots 5 bullets per second, and each bullet does 20 damage for a direct hit. The animation especially makes this non-obvious. I’m not sure how fast the animation is, but matching the animation to the actual bullets would be nice (even if it isn’t four times faster; the same speed would be best). Currently, the flamer is the most misleading gun in the game. Fixing that should take priority to adding extra bonuses.

However, more directly on topic, the flamer in Unvanquished does this, but only to buildables if I recall correctly. It even spreads between close together buildables. Flamer actually becomes one of the best weapons for destroying alien bases, similar to how a flame thrower can quickly burn down a vine-ridden forest. Burning aliens would be very overpowered, as they would be unable to heal until the fire damage has gone away for two full seconds. Poison is a very small amount of damage, and even so humans can completely cancel it out with one button press or by stepping on the medi. Even a total of 5 damage from setting an alien on fire would make dretch die to one flamer bullet hit as it is now.

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The overall dps of the flamer could be decreased slightly, and that difference could be given to the burning effect, so that the net damage would still roughly be the same, it is just that some of that damage would be gradual.

I’m never really liked that approach much. The idea was to discourage aliens from building too densely, but meh.

A full 2 seconds, oh no. I think a DoT weapon for humans would actually improve balance. The total damage of a single shot could still remain the same, just a portion of the damage is DoT to negate the healing. Those weapons work well against running aliens like rants in drawn out games and further improve diversity. If there is a balance concern have the booster remove the DoT, or maybe even granger spit. Initial 5 damage from the blob can coat the alien and remove all the stacked DoT’s

My idea for the flamer has always involved it having improved capabilities vs structures. Although the fact that all human stage 2 and 3 weapons are intended for base killing kind of bugs me.

MD with radiation ticking damage could be a possibility. (Perhaps a different gadget you have to sacrifice the batt pack for, lose the ammo capacity for some increased DoT effect)

“DoT = Damage over time”

When toying around with the particle system- I found this was possible from a client-side visual perspective.

I woudn’t implement it this way, but I think it’s a great idea. (blatantly an great idea unv. has/did have).

+Incendiary grenades

and using granger spit as a mechanism to douse the flame.

^^ Solid idea’s

I wish we could put weight the idea’s in a way which people can vote for/against- and continue to track independent from granger hub.

Perhaps there should also be a little residual burning from flamer impact points on the map that does just some damage from players touching it, but doesn’t give the damage over time effect to the player like a player being directly hit by a flamer.

Decreasing to 10 dmg and 10 per second is enough imo, and you could make its hitbox from 30x30x30 to 28x28x28 to prevent that shitty wall bug where you burn yourself when you touch some walls despite firing away from it.

Also what’s with this rating system? Does a reply have to use a stupid rating?

I think that would/should depend on whether or not it shoot’s a continuous burning substance; vs a flamer that ignites the fuel directly…

^^^ If what I’m understanding you correctly; flaming across the floor, thus creating a temporary “wall-of-fire”…

The above would be more work regarding “how” we want this to work; e.g., if the flame diminishes, we either re-start the flame burn timer at that location (less performance friendly; due to multiple flames running at once) or if we simply did some minor arithmetic to re-set the timer’s.

Time of “continuous” burn would also want to consider “how long” someone spammed the flame train- do we start at a constant and degrade from there, or does spamming flamming add additional fuel to the fire?

^^^ Good idea’s, why not both? But the latter of just “OW SHIT I AM ABLAZE”.

^^^^ One last point, “the OH SHIT! I’m on fire” condition should only be absolvable by either, waiting for the effect to stop- or jump into a river/stream etc… Medi-pad should still heal (while ablaze), but it doesn’t make sense to me that it also is a fire extinguisher.