Forum is confusing

  • Too many ways to access categories (main ☰ menu, category combo box, category tab).
  • Avatar menu and profile page are confusing.
    • “Preferences” button behaves like a tab and yet it’s not in the sidebar. It doesn’t even get highlighted (and the current sidebar tab doesn’t get un-highlighted) when it’s opened. This would have made sense if “Save” button saved the setting and brought you back to the previously opened tab, but it only displays “Saved!” instead.
    • Also, it’s 2015. Why do preferences still have to be saved manually?
    • There’s “Bookmarks” menu in the avatar menu that seems to open a tab in the profile page. However, there’s no corresponding item in the sidebar.
    • IMO the avatar menu shouldn’t open a menu and should simply open the user page.
  • There can be only one post draft, yet when I open a second tab and do changes, the changes don’t show up in another tab.
  • No visual editor. It’s 2015 and this forum software is by Jeff Atwood himself, how can this be?
  • No proper help about trust levels.
  • Why “Forum is confusing” instead of simply “”? “Clean” URLs…

Sadly, even Jeff Atwood, who’s a senior, highly respected developer, who created Stack Overflow and wrote a lot of PROprietary software, is susceptible to an unfortunate quirk of human mind: openness instantly disables one’s common sense. Use PROprietary software with DRM.

EDIT: I wrote this exact post, but when I tried to post it, it only posted an earlier version. I had to type most of it again.

I agree with lamefun and I’d also like to point out that the theme is whiter than a Canadian barmitzvah in Alberta. I can’t spam posts at 2AM like this.

Also, how can a moderator only have level 1 trust level? It’s getting more and more confusing…

I’m an admin and I only have a trust level of 1. The trust levels are independent from your moderator or admin status. Moderators and admins are set manually. Trust levels are automatic (although admins can manually change trust levels). However, it seems the trust levels don’t affect your moderator or admin abilities if you are a moderator or an admin. So it seems that if you are a moderator or an admin, your trust level is just a public title.

Sorry, but multiple tabs/browser/session problems are not supported. Keep your edits confined to a single instance.

Please see discourse’s meta discussion topic What do user trust levels do?

Not sure about replacing the ‘t’ with ‘topics’, but this works: