G_Unlagged is borked for everyone it seems

Probably needs a hard reset. Either that or someone must’ve fucked with the settings by setting sv_fps to something dorky like 100.

Confirmed g_unlagged = 1
and cG_unlagged = 1 (untouched, at the beginning of he footage I’m on DerBunker and it works there albeit it isn’t precise and a little inconsistant as my ping passes the 350msec mark)
and that my ping is under 400 msec* during most of these sessions.

*The hard limit should actually be around 500msec as the game has 10 slots of memory, DevHC fixed that bug back in the acidtu.be Cuboid days…


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @ViruS :slight_smile:

We had sv_fps set to 40 on GrangerPub, I lowered it now to 20 for now since MAX_UNLAGGED_MARKERS is set to 10 on multiprotocol slackers (which is the repo that GrangerPub is currently using) as you mentioned (which means with a server frame rate of 40, unlagged would only go back 250 milliseconds).

I notice that in the 1.3 code MAX_UNLAGGED_MARKERS is set to 256 which would be sufficient for over 500 server frames per second to go back 500 milliseconds (although there is a lot of other things that need adjustment before we can reach that server frame rate, lol), so the 40 fps we have set on the GrangerLab server and on the Unitremia server should not be an issue for unlagged, just make sure you set /snaps to 40.


The guy with 130 ping said he had to lead his shots as well so I don’t think this is the case.

Also I don’t think it is as simple as setting MAX_UNLAGGED_MARKERS

@ViruS , when you get a chancem let me know if the Unlagged feels better on GrangerPub.

I have noticed that on GrangerLab and Untremia, when the server frame rate is set to 40, and a client has its snaps set to 20 (which is currently a common default setting on clients), they do have higher ping than if they have snaps set to 40, and your ping reduces if you increase your snaps to match the server frame rate.


having 20 as opposed to 40 makes very little difference.
Tremulous defaults to 40 without an autogen.cfg though afaik so I don’t think that should be the case.


Well, unlagged isn’t working for me again. Server must’ve reset and went back to the previous sv_fps value that isn’t 20. Can an admin change that back to 20, because the unlagged fix does NOT work on the server, if it has been applied. Every once in a while, I join the servers to play a quick game with a random stranger only to find the unlagged doesn’t function as it should and after about 5 minutes I realise that aiming ahead over half a second does the job, implying unlagged is basically disabled for me. I also from time to time noticed other people who has over 100 ping also missing their shots “reliably” under “expected circumstances” so it isn’t just me.

It is annoying that I have to get an admin to reset the sv_fps value to the default 20 whenever the server has had a crash-triggered restart, loading the default config again or whatever, maybe someone else is resetting it. (sv_fps = 20, the default trem value allows up to 399msec of latency compensation under default unlagged code without DevHC’s fix) which also scales down proportionately with the sv_fps value.

So I request that, whoever has access, check the default config please.


Thank you again for letting use know @ViruS :slight_smile: ! It looks like sv_fps was automatically brought back to 40 at least since the last time the server was rebooted. I set it to 20 again, and I checked and the server.cfg did have the server fps set to 40, I changed that back to 20 so that hopefully it shouldn’t be an issue when the server is rebooted again.

I was checking the commit history just now for 1.3, it looks like DevHC’s fix for allowing unlagged to work on faster server rates only involved changing MAX_UNLAGGED_MARKERS. We could try changing that on the slacker code that GrangerPub currently uses, but I’m a bit concerned that something else might break since that unlagged code is over a decade old generally, and we will be replacing the slacker mod with the 1.3 Vanilla Game Mode (that is, the 1.1 vanillaish game play ported to 1.3) in the near future.