Game chat, server rules, and you

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GrangerHub respects player privacy. The Terms of Service protect player privacy, including the handling of private chats and personal information. We have systems in place that limit who has access to this information, limits the kind of information we collect, and limits how long we retain the info.

Censorship is bad, almost always.

GrangerHub supports each player’s right to free speech (as much as the country they reside in will allow them to express), and allows players to express themselves as openly as possible without censorship.

Staff and server admins have taken efforts to ensure GrangerHub’s rules and policies for game servers allow the free exchange of ideas and opinions of players, and allow free speech as much as possible. Game server rules mandate that some types of chat are allowed, and admin intervention or player actions against players for chat that does not violate rules is disallowed, helping to ensure the maximum amount of free expression. However,

GrangerHub does not permit absolute free speech, absolutely.

We disallow (potentially) illegal types of speech, which are not protected as free speech, under U.S. law. The game server rules are intended to keep players far away from crossing the line where their speech/chats would be illegal or violate someone else’s rights, to protect players’ safety, address bullying, disruptive shouting matches, respecting a player’s desired level of privacy, and preventing an atmosphere of hostility towards intellectual free thinking.

Please use common sense (and the /ignore command).

Engaging others in chat who are violating rules is a bad idea. Players are given tools to ignore, mute or kick others who violate rules. We provide the ability for players to condump violations and report players. GrangerHub admins will issue bans if the rules are violated and brought to staff attention. Understand that it takes time to issue some bans, and you should never take matters into your own hands.

Stay safe online.

It is your duty to protect your own personal information, never share information with strangers or people you don’t know, or with people you don’t trust to use (or abuse) that information. Threats of violence or harm are not tolerated, should be reported immediately and are taken seriously. If you feel threatened or endangered by another player, you should collect evidence, leave the server, and call the police. Don’t take chances with your own safety.


If you ever need help with GrangerHub I am more than happy to assist. I have an “open door” and you may PM me (romdos) with any concerns, need clarification about anything, have suggestions, or questions. I will keep any contact strictly confidential. If you prefer, you may also use the Feedback form to submit anonymously.

Thanks for playing!


Please also read our Code of Conduct.