Google is trying to tell us something

Your registration confirmation E-Mail just went straight to GMail spam folder.

I think Google is trying to tell something, and that something is the fact that today’s year is 2015.

You aren’t supposed to re-invent the wheel and make your own websites.

You’re supposed to use Google+ or Facebook!

Google and Facebook are serious companies, on par with Boeing and Airbus!

When you get on a plane, don’t you trust Boeing or Airbus that the wings won’t fall off?

It’s 2015. Today is the age of the Cloud. You trust Google. You trust Facebook. That’s how it is.

You might not like this, but there’s nothing we, mere mortals, can do about it.

The fate is not ours to choose.

The only thing we can do is to let go of our resentment and accept it.

no, it’s trying to hide true information from u.



for what purposes? definitely not for anti-900913 and anti-FB discussions.

we do trust the airplane companies. because when u fall off, it will be obvious, and the company shall PAY™.
OTOH, we do not trust the IT companies capable of mass surveillance. because generally, u don’t know when the company is using ur TOP SECRET INFORMATION against u, at least not until it’s too late for everyone.



btw, r u here to make a statement that prompts for an action? if ur plan is to successfully waste 10 minutes of my time, then u’ve successfully accomplished ur mission.

lamefun, please elaborate on how using only Facebook and/or Google plus would better accomplish what we want to achieve with this website. Can Facebook and/or Google plus provide all of the services/resources/tools, centrally and conveniently, we want to provide Tremulous players, clans, mappers, developers. server owners, etc? Can Facebook and/or Google Plus provide a better forum system than this one? Please provide specific examples of the relevant features and services Facebook and Google Plus provides when answering the above questions.

Also, please give some current examples of successful popular stand alone games (not apps) that don’t have their own website and just use Facebook and/or Google Plus.

I’de like to point out that GrangerHub does have Facebook and Google Plus accounts (as well as accounts on a bunch of other social networks), but at this time we plan on just pushing notifications from the GrangerHub site to those social networks. I can see getting benefits from GrangerHub using Facebook and Google Plus in specific ways, especially for promotion, however, I doubt Facebook and/or Google Plus would be sufficient to satisfy all of GrangerHub’s needs. lamefun, it is your job in this thread to convince us otherwise.

Fixed this. Registration confirmation should now show up okay (not in spam).

GrangerHub will in fact use Google+ and Facebook (both for people to log in with) AND we also will push blog / news to these (which will link back to so they can ‘Like’ GrangerHub on services they might already have. :thumbsup:

Yes, everyone should let go of any resentment, and accept it, whatever it is. Acceptance brings peace.

Google is love.

Google is life.

Google is coming, hide yo kids and yo wife.