Grangerhub complaints

_Editited because I am a dick _

1. Command+f/control+f search

2. Theme

Background is overbearing, some fonts are poorly colored. please choose a solid color or a gradient of green that matches.


I agree.

WIP. u no like green?


literally set your GH bookmark to the “catagories” tab and you have what you want

No. Also

rk on mobile and
Shit doesn’t wo

rip blowfish’s machine

Ummm, I bet the pictures of blowfish is from a movile device

A machine is a tool containing one or more parts that uses energy to perform an intended action.

Oh my bad, we (some latinos) call the pc machine, as italian call cars maquina which is machine in english, intesteresting but off topic.

To make it on-topic, I once told cron about the website design, but I think it cant be changed for now.

It’s Grangerhub. GRANGER-hub. What color do you think it should be?

well, it would be nice to have a better color palette that combines dark colors + green for night time shit posting and a custom background/header design that fits more with tremulous and is more appealing to look at.

maybe some day someone will pitch something at cron’s way SOON™

yup. the “at least 6 words” thing is not cool.

french people too! XD

Make FUCKsia a thing.

It’s basically useless since it can be bypassed so easily anyway…

Search with browser by doing Ctrl-F twice.

The minimum post length is now 3 chars, and the minimum topic title length before being checked for similar topics is now increased.

Feel free to propose a new color pallette, any modified CSS, or new images.

For issue of input on mobile devices, I’ll forward your images to discourse devs.



Thanks, was not aware of the double tap

Thank you

Please allow all users who have authored two or more posts to change their avatar image, or explain how to do so if those permissions already exist.

You can change your avatar image from the main website ( ), and then make sure you log out of the forums for it to sync (logging out of the main website doesn’t mean that you logged out of the forums).