GrangerHub is in need of donations

Hi everyone,

I didn’t want this to happen this way, but GrangerHub needs donations RIGHT NOW in order to stay alive. Unless costs for this month are covered immediately, the game servers, website, and forums will go OFFLINE TOMORROW (Sept 14)! Fortunately it’s not very expensive (about $30 per month) and we have a donation system in place.

Donations via this link go directly to our hosting provider, please donate if you can. If you can’t give the minimum donation amount of $5.00 USD via that link, click the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of the page on to be taken to a PayPal donation page where any amount can be donated.

Thank you for your contribution, anything you can donate will help.

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Sent $10, it appeared to be sent directly to the host without a reference to grangerhub. However, I added my username in the note, double check it went through.

I’ll try and think up some small donation rewards we can offer to encourage people to donate in the future.


Thank you Ckit! Your donation was received.

I’ve donated $5, it’s all I can afford right now.


Thank you Grangar. I appreciate your contribution!

If no one else donates I’ll cover the remaining $15 for this month but can’t do that till I get home later at 7:30am so let’s hope nfo waits till noon to cut us off.


Eh…Fucking Sanctions against Russia …

I Very wanna help ( but fucked Dollar exchange rate in Russia

Anyway i try donate 1 or 2 Dollars via PayPal :smile:


Alright I donated the remaining $15. We should be all set for the month.


why nfsoservers donate don’t support Yandex.Money or Webmoney ?:frowning:

i can’t register in PayPal, he required Passport (or how it called, in Russian this is Паспорт) and rlly name…no PayPal, i won’t registed with rllyname and passport…

So…idk…i very wanna help :smile:

Ok crisis averted! Costs are covered for this month, thanks to everyone who donated!

We do need to figure out how to continually fund the site, so I’d like to hear your ideas about how we can encourage recurring donations for the future.

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A few people brainstormed ideas here already.

– rlb

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