Hello everyone (admin level)

Hello everyone if I am finally writing on the forum grangerhub … ??? (Bah)

I joined the forum because I got bored without admin on grangergub always empty server! can not the players: deconner, based nade, teammate (even the admin wtf?!?!)

I need the admin but want a high level, I’m good to use the commands do not do stupid …

when I can get my admin? (thank you)


Hi @LUCA86ITA , it is good to finally see you on the forums :smiley: !

You can apply for admin on the GrangerPub server by creating a new topic with your application in this category: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums . Be sure to use the application format as indicated in this topic: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums . Additionally it is recommended that potential admin applicants should read over the following topics before before applying:

ok ty done

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Welcome to our forum! :smiley:

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