Help me find some maps!

Hi guys, here is alot ppls who plays trem since 2006.

I want download all maps by chuckfknorris
So please, if someone knows name of that map, or maybee have that map, give me it


Hero, wwhy you posting 15th Century map? you think, what i am don’t knows own history, nope, i am do.

Including Moscovia, Kiev’s Russia, Russia, Also i knows about Golden Horden, this maps is looks like Golden Horden is part of Russia, no, they is fucking annexors, they annexed Russian terretories by some too smart methods.

Ok, stop that fucking retarded “ANALGAY (c) NewSource’s NEDGE Shittalk” OFF TOP

i asked for someone helpd me find very cool map, you started fuckign offtop, go away

Yeah, I don’t think chuckfknorris made those maps that Hero and Effect linked above.


hey newsource
this map is an unfinished work that was entered for a screenshot competition (he spammed random dev shots a bit too)

some other maps of his can be found in these links:

download links don’t appear to work but you can probably search for the names from your favorite map repo.

that guy was the only person i know who produced maps at such a fast rate. lol


So map which in screenshot is impossible to find? but he is on xserverx put some screenshot and said what he can give link to xserverx admin for they upload his maps…

he said its was unfinished newsource

if it was ever finished i’d imagine that it would be called machine world or something.

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s_k was released. I even have the map. It’s a strangely small map though.

The machine world map is the one that wasn’t released.

Btw his “portal” map has a good example of rain effects in tremulous.