High Steaks Mapping Competition

Hey guys. amz181 and myself have discussed this matter between ourselves and we are willing to let everyone in on our HIGH STEAKS MAPPING COMPETITION.

This beef was originally just between ourselves, but I figured if enough people were interested, we might as well include the entire community and maybe score some cool maps out it.

amz and I have already started. Although we haven’t done much. If you have a map that you already started feel free to use that. Anyone is welcome to compete. (Except communists.)
Please let anyone know who you think may be interested. Lets crank up the grill.
Ok fine communists can compete too but you can’t steal parts from other maps. 8)



Rules: (based on the Tremcentral mapping competition)

  1. Must be playable.
  2. Must support 16+ players.
  3. Must be a never released map.
  4. Cannot be ported.
  5. Must be your or your teams work, no one else’s.
  6. Group projects are okay! But, you must credit EVERYONE that helped.
  7. Cannot release the maps before the winner has been announced.
  8. Must submit the map by the due date and time!
  9. Must be ORIGINAL!
  10. Can submit as many maps as you want – no limit!
  11. Must include .map

I am going to be sending out private messages to anyone that I think would be interested in judging. If you would like to be a judge please private message me. I will have a list of judges released later.

Here is a list of what you will be judged on and how deeply we look into it:

Total available points – 200.

  1. Playability…10 - Does it meet the playability requirement?
  2. Glitches…20 - Are their glitches?
  3. Texture…10 - Is it textured well?
  4. Color…10 - Are the colors nice and clean?
  5. Sound…10 - Did you add sound? Is it good?
  6. Overall Gfx…20 - Do the graphics blend together?
  7. Overall Sfx…20 - Do the sounds blend together?
  8. Originality…30 - Is your map and idea original?
  9. Balance…30 - Do the humans and aliens win equally?
  10. Overall…40 - Overall, is the map good?


  • Bragging rights.
  • I might share you evos in-game.
    If amz181 wins, he is finally released from NoS servitude and I must disband NoS apparently. If I win, amz181 is bound for life to NoS.


Sign up here by stating your interest.

DUE DATE: Your final packaged and complete map must be posted by 11:59PM Central Standard Time on December 31st.

Post the link and a description to your map on a new topic in this category with the title “RE: High Steaks Mapping Competition: [your entry]”

Feel free to post progress screenshots (in the random dev. shots thread, please).


I would like to add a couple more prizes:

  • The winning map gets to be in the rotation on GrangerPub for 2 weeks, and if after those two weeks the player base generally likes it in the rotation (that is I don’t see an angry mob with pitch forks and torches out my window) it will become a permanent part of the rotation.

  • if the top maps are good enough (and licensed appropriately) , we would consider adding one or more of them as a/some new default map(s) in GrangerHub’s Tremulous 1.3 client.

There are a few more rules I would like to add if @faceman & amz181 agree:

  • The map entries must be released with either one of these two licenses: cc-by or cc-by-sa so that they can be considered for adding as default maps to the new client.

  • The map entries must play well with 8+ players. Trem really needs more decent quality maps that play well with small numbers of players.

  • The map entries must make prominent use of one or more of the advanced feature available in the new OpenGL2 renderer that the old OpenGL renderer does not have. When GrangerHub’s Tremulous launcher/updater is ready for public testing, a pre-release client that includes the new renderer will be available via the launcher/updater, and then the Tremulous 1.3 client (which will also include the new renderer) will be available via the updater/launcher upon the release. So mappers would be able to test their maps on the new renderer accordingly. More information on the new renderer can be found here: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .


My mapping days are over and i also cant compete with most mappers here but i’d be happy to be one of the judges.

Bump and pinned

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thanks. Ckit i trust you will be competing

Unfortunately I suck at making maps

:frowning: you have over half a year to get better . 8)

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hey matth you are formally invited to participate in the high steaks mapping competition.


Thanks guys. Your support really helps me finishing this map :slight_smile:
faceman: Its a cool thing but there are several points i don’t agree with.
Just two:
-license stuff (i use my own, always)
-sources (since edge i don’t release my sources anymore)

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okay. for you i officially make an exception to these rules. in fact, i am removing them altogether. (we need competitors) however, your .map is required at least for the judges only, (to inspect your map build quality [hint brushes, brushwork, etc.]) but will not be released to the public.

btw, tremor looks cool. nice job!

Still, i don’t release sources. Sorry.

only apologize to yourself.

if you dont have what it takes :sunglasses:

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Disband NoS?!?! Just under 8 months to stop this travesty from happening! I don’t even remember how to map D::::::

In that time you need to find the eye of the tiger again, and drink plenty of raw eggs, the future of NoS depends on you getting back up to speed in mapping.

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those rules sound good
except i dont like the last one. 8)

The new OpenGL2 render generally makes any existing Tremulous map look pretty good (even the ugly original map ATCS), but maps would look even more awesome if they made use of some or all of the advanced features of the new OpenGL2 renderer.

there are picutures of existing maps in the OpenGL2 renderer in this topic as examples (but again, taking advantage of the mroe advanced features would look even better):

Siding with Matth. Maybe you could check his brushwork and shit through skype screen sharing. Lel

thats a good idea. lets do that.

matth are you interested?
nob i’ll add you to competitors 8) ?

Not yet sir