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HIV Roster


[color=FF0070]›[/color] Shuffle (11/10 tremlas player, MLG champion of trumulus)
[color=FF0070]›[/color] MaeJong (noob, thinks the armoury is a fridge)


[color=FF0070]›[/color] cleanharry

[color=5FBBFF]Active members[/color]:

[color=FF0070]›[/color] Cole
[color=FF0070]›[/color] Rhez2
[color=FF0070]›[/color] Effect
[color=FF0070]›[/color] HDMI
[color=FF0070]›[/color] Shruikan

[details=[color=0066FF]Former members[/color]]

[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Blizz
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Veen
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Shruikan
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Cole
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Piteq
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Hobo
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Nemo
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] HosS
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Luca86
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] S3riously
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Oblivion
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] LemonTree
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Effect
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Aim (RefleX)
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Vash
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Wanda1us
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] HomSmed
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Dope
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Aer
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] HDMI
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Maggie
[color=DDDD00]›[/color] Rhez2[/details]


Inactive members[/color]][color=DDDD00]+[/color] Former members that aren’t marked as active.

Applications are closed, but if you are desperate to join (understandably), message us in-game

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10/10 clam except for that maejong fgt, he’s a huge nigr and shud be euthanized



stop fucking with the roster o m g

equation for U: ur butt + a pedo I pay $30 a hour for free + a van

y u no add me to roster niggr fgt noobi


Dun dun sir rhez

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cumgrats on becumming HIV+ frend rhez

thx u muchly. I liek dat 2 ther



no U faes

I wanna steal HosS back

Cleaned up. Sigh.

Activity check @Blizz @Effect @Vash @HDMI

this clan less alive than 3 pack

I would gladly rejoin. hahaha. all hiv members disappeared along with mae so i thought the clan was dead. :confused: speaking of which what happened mae? you disappeared for like 2-3 months without a word.

PSU blew up, didn’t fix because computer is addictive. Why does no one relay the information hgnrgdejgrrr

I will be back “soon”.

I’m back.

@Effect , Mae’s PSU blew up, and he didn’t fix it yet because the computer is addictive, but Mae will be back S00N™.

I don’t know what you are talking about, I relayed that info.

looks like you dropped the baton sparks

Why you wake me.