Homebrew is not liking to install freetype with the universal tag

Recently I pushed a commit to the 1.3 client repo on github ( https://github.com/GrangerHub/tremulous/commit/b80c842d7c49154a026c2ea54c6be26a7802bc27 ) , and while the travis-ci test builds for Linux and Windows (both 64 and 32 bit) passed, the test build for macos failed. The output can be found at this link:

Appearently it fails when trying to install freetype by homebrew, a package manager for mac, while including the --universal tag. Specifically from this line:

$ brew install freetype --universal

I’m unfamiliar with homebrew and with macos, perhaps someone who is familiar can offer a solution that would allow the macos builds to work again for the supported systems. My guess is that something changed with freetype and/or homebrew to cause this issue.