How long have you played Tremulous?

For some biased statistic gathering. Apparently I noticed Tremulous has a strange population that have at least played more than 2 years…

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006 (1.1)
  • 2005 (1.0)
  • <2005 (test player)

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is this 1.1 or gpp, i started playing gpp in dec 2011 i think and 1.1 (here) a year ago

Any form of the official tremulous and its custom clients. Unvanquished doesn’t count though since that is considered a different game, and neither does murnatan.

Tremulous 1.0 is the Quake 3 mod version (which @NewSource ported to Android via that opensomething game)

i started playing trem in late 2009 on gpp shortly after gpp was released.

It looks like this is for Tremulous in general (1.1, gpp, and when Trem was a quake 3 mod). @ViruS , Tremulous started as a quake 3 mod in late 2000:

But was it public? I don’t know. So I just included th eyears before 2005 as a test player



At least by 2001 there was a public website.

2006 right here. started playing a month after 1.1 was released.


Tremulous as a Quake 3 mod was fucking terrible. Tremulous 1.1 is where they got their shit together.

[spoiler] And it was the only time they got their shit together. [/spoiler]

Now I feel old.

This is my history of timeline :wink:

[color=red]2008:[/color] I started playing Tremulous by some of my local friends introduced in last year of primary school as I’m in 12. This is first time was very enjoyment with many local friends to play with LAN. That version was 1.1.

[color=red]2009 till 2011:[/color] Abandoned due to unused internet/my home doesn’t have internet during this past period.

[color=lightgreen]Mid 2011 to 2013:[/color] Came back to play Trem and started using GPP in 2010, met @ViruS etc., but shortly after I was joined [color=red]N7[/color] clan and approved to being member by leader in end of 2011.

[color=lime]2014 to present:[/color] [color=red]N7[/color] clan was dissolved, but sometimes still have it with tag for temporary until 2015. Shortly after few months, I joined and met @dGr8LookinSparky etc., and came into our current forum, GrangerHub.

found out about trem in 07 when they had those compelling advertisements on the sides of webpages

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been around since ~1.0

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I still play on my nintendo 64 too.

In '09 my brother and I found Trem in the fedora core packages, played with each other for a bit (because no internet) and lost interest.
In '14 I was bored one day at college and launched Trem just for fun. I’ve been off and on since.
– rlb

Same. Mario party 2, super smash brothers and mario kart

Brothers playing together? I’m jelly.

My brother gave me trem. At the time USBs were kinda rare and I still used floppy discs for my school work. Luckily the USB we had was plenty big enough, it was supposidly expensive (500 MB) at the time. We had just moved off dial-up internet a few years before.

My brother got trem from one of his friends apparently. We were using the so-called arkiid config as a basis at the time, I still have some of his binds. It featured things like toggle-able crouch though I removed that shortly after because pressing SHIFT was so bloody annoying when the sticky keys popped up on the new winxp.

05 for me